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Did you get Amazon Echo for the first time? Wondering how to configure your Amazon Echo? If you have just got your first ever Amazon Echo, then obviously you might have started searching online “how to set up an Amazon Echo?”. Luckily, it is easy to configure your Amazon Echo and then you will be able to access Alexa. The Echo line of speakers showcases the capabilities of Alexa. Echo speakers are standalone speakers that only need a power connection to function properly. Few other Amazon-made products that make true use of Alexa are Echo Dot, which is a standalone speaker but it rocks with an external speaker, and Echo Show. In this article, we will explain to you how to set up an Amazon Echo. Although they have their differences, they are identical to setting up an Amazon Echo.

How To Configure Your Amazon Echo Speakers?

Here are some of the best and easy steps to set up an amazon echo:

Step 1: Download the Alexa app on your device

Download the Alexa app on your device. If you use an Apple device then it must have an iOS 11.0 or higher, if you have an Android device then it must be Android 6.0 or higher. If you want to set up an Amazon Echo using an Amazon Tablet then it must have Fire OS 5.3.3 or higher version in it. Planning to download the app on a computer? Then you can download it from Amazon’s official website and we recommend you to use a WIFI connection while downloading.

Step 2: Plug in the Echo

After downloading the Alexa app, simply plug the included power adapter directly into echo and then connect the plug to a power outlet. If you can see a blue light that means the power is connected. Now wait for it to turn orange, this means that Alexa is preparing to greet you. After that, you will hear Alexa’s voice telling you that your device is ready and you can configure your Amazon Echo Speakers.

Step 3: Connect the Amazon Echo to Wi-Fi via the app

Once you have finished connecting your Echo to a power outlet, you will have to connect your Amazon Echo to your home Wi-Fi network. Normally, if you own the latest version of the Echo device, then it will guide you through the process. However, if you get stuck, just open up the Alexa app and search for your network from the available network. In case if you own multiple echo devices, then go to the device tab and click the Echo icon and Alexa icon. You will find it in the top carousel and then select your device. You can even see the state of your Wi-Fi network connection under the Wireless heading.

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Once you are connected to the Amazon Echo device, you have the option of saving the Wi-Fi password on your device. This will make it easy to connect to smart home devices. If you get a new echo then you can also set up that device on the same network. You also have the choice of connecting your Echo to a public network, however, your Echo won’t save the password onto it. After you are done connecting the Amazon Echo to your Wi-Fi, start speaking to Alexa.  To begin with, you can say the wake word to turn on Alexa, which is “Alexa” by default. If you wish to change the wake word for your Echo to something different and simple. Then simply tell the Echo “Alexa, change the wake word.” this will change the current wake word to whatever you set.

Step 4: Start using your Echo device

After the completion of the above step your Amazon Echo Speaker is all set up and ready to use. To make sure everything is working properly you can conduct a small test by giving commands to Alexa. For instance, say the wake word or just a simple “Hello Alexa”. If your device has been set up properly then Alexa should respond to you with a “Hello”. After this, you can go to the Alexa app menu and choose the Skills & Games section or the Things to Try section to find out what Alexa is capable of doing.

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Once Alexa is set up on your Amazon Echo Speaker, you can start using your Echo device for a wide range of tasks. Such as you can make a to-do list, find out the weather, check on the traffic conditions. You can even call or send a text message to your friends or family or even stream podcasts. You can make Alexa do all these tasks with just simple voice commands. 

Step 5: Connect Smart Home Devices or an External Speaker (optional)

If you wish to connect your Smart Home Devices to your Amazon Echo device, then open your Alexa app. Now navigate to the menu on your tablet or phone or whichever device you have set the Alexa app in. Select the Devices option and now select the “+” sign located at the top right corner of the app and click on the Add Device option. After this, you can select the device you would like to join from the list. If you are unable to find the right device, then click on the “Other” option.

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If you want you can even add an external speaker to your Echo device. Pairing a Bluetooth speaker with Echo compatibility is the best way to ensure that you are receiving a high-quality sound. Remember that your Echo device can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time. So if you have already paired a device to your Echo, then you will have to disconnect it first.

How Do I Set Up An Amazon Echo Show?

If you want to set up an Amazon Echo with a screen and speaker then you can set it up without using a phone or tablet. All you have to do is simply connect it to the power supply and follow the instructions shown on the Echo’s screen. You can type in your Amazon account details and WIFI password using an on-screen keyboard.

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