Want to Pause Audible Membership? Here Are 6 Things You Need to Know!

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Do you want to take a break from your audible account? Have you been thinking to cancel or pause audible membership? One thing you must know before stepping forward to cancel your Audible subscription is that this platform lets you put Audible on hold. This is what most of the users don’t know before they head towards canceling their audible membership. This article will explain to you how to pause audible membership and things that you should consider before you pause audible membership online.

What is Audible?

Audible is a platform that sells audiobooks and allows its users to listen to them. Like the platform says, you can use Audible to purchase, download, and listen to audiobooks on any device you like. You can also use the associated app to store a library of audiobooks, listen, and even read them with an e-reader.

Can you put Audible on Hold?

If you were planning on canceling the Audible subscription but, few credits are built up in it? Then don’t worry. If you don’t want to lose the built-up credits then you can pause Audible membership.

What is the Difference Between Pause & Cancellation in Audible and which one is Better?

Before heading towards how to pause audible membership, you need to know what exactly does pause and cancellation of Audible subscription is. Few of the Audible users seem to have some confusion between Audible Pause and Audible Cancellation. These two features do have a little bit of similarity with each other. Hence, below we have explained Audible Pause and Audible Cancellation.

When you choose to pause audible membership, then you don’t have to make further payment and you can even suspend your account for up to 3 months. However, this can be only done once in 12 months. During this period, you will not receive any new credits as well as won’t be able to access the Audible Plus Catalog. During any special offers or sales, you can still buy audiobooks from the accumulated credits. You even use them to buy audiobooks from the Daily Deal.

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Whereas if you cancel your Audible subscription then you will lose access to all the benefits that come with Audible membership. You will also lose all the unused credits you have pending in your membership at the time of cancellation. Moreover, you will even lose access to the sales and Daily Deal in Audible after you cancel your account. Therefore, if you want to cancel your account but have credits built into it. Then, we suggest you make use of it as you have already paid for it by being a member.

Things to Consider Before you Pause Audible Membership

There are few things that you need to know before you pause your subscription.

  • You are allowed to pause Audible Membership for up to 3 months maximum. You can put Audible on hold for 1 month, 2 months, or for 3 months. If you wish to resume in between your pause duration, Audible even lets you do that. If you don’t know for how long you need to pause Audible Membership then you opt for the maximum time limit and resume whenever you like.
  • The only drawback with this feature is, you can only pause your subscription once every 12 months. This is measure from the date of the end of your pause.
  • Pausing your Audible account won’t lead you to lose the membership benefits. You can use your built-up credits and daily deals. If you want to cancel your membership after your pause then make sure you do it on time. Otherwise, you might end up being charged for the next month as well.

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How to Pause Audible Membership?

Below, we have mentioned a few detailed steps on how to pause Audible membership. Just follow these steps properly to pause your subscription.

  • Before you start with the pausing process, first you need to visit the Audible’s Contact Us page.
  • After you have opened the page, you will see a “Membership” button, tab on it.
  • After this, you will have to choose a selection to tell Audible what you need help with.
  • From that selection, choose the option that reads “Switch, Pause, or Cancel Membership”.
  • After you have chosen the selection, the Audible contact options will pop up. You will be able to see three options that read “Chat”, ”Phone”, and ”Email”. You can choose any one of the methods to pause your Audible membership.
  • If you choose the chat option then, a box with text space will pop up. Type a message saying you would like to pause your membership.
  • If you choose to pause your Audible membership through a phone call. You will need to give the country you stay in and your phone number so that Audible Customer Service can call you. On this page, you can also see the estimated wait time for the call and choose whether you would like them to call you now or five minutes later.
  • If you choose to pause the Audible membership by Email. Then after clicking the email button you will see a pop-up on your screen. In this pop-up, you can type a subject in the subject line and a small content saying that you would like to put Audible on hold. A representative from Audible will pause your subscription and will contact you as soon they can.
  • The last and final step is to check your email to see the confirmation message from the representative about the pause subscription. They will send you an email that says when your membership will resume. So if you want to cancel your membership after this, then you will have to do it before that date. Otherwise, you will be charged for the upcoming month’s membership as well.

Hopefully, this article helped you to pause Audible Membership, and if you can choose the Cancel Membership option and go through the cancellation process. In case, you face any difficulty in the cancellation process you can either contact Audible service or else you click here.

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