Is Alexa Not Responding To Your Commands? 6 Ways To Fix It





What good is Alexa when it stops responding to your command? Many of us have seen these cases happen with us a lot and to be honest, none of us can stand it. This virtual assistance that works on your audio command and fulfils all of it from controlling everything on your device will give a great setback if it stopped responding. Therefore, in this article, we will learn about the issue regarding your Alexa not working. 

Why is your Alexa not working? 

Before we move on to the solutions of the Alexa not responding issue, let us first know the reason behind Alexa not working. There is not one but many reasons that can lead to Alexa not working properly as it normally should. Let us have a look at some reasons that can lead to a hindrance in the normal functioning of  Alexa that can lead it to not respond to your commands.

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  1. Wrong power adapter

Yes, please check the power adapter that you are using and make sure that it belongs to the echo device else it will lead to the echo device not responding. The majority overlooks this major issue regarding the adapter and ends up using the wrong power adapter.

  1. Placed near any electric device

Check that Alexa is not placed near any electric device like microwaves, television sets, etc. as all the electric devices cause a hindrance in the normal functioning of Alexa and it will lead to several echo device-related issues.  

  1. Keep Alexa in a quiet place

Another reason for your Alexa not responding is the location where it is kept. Make sure that you put the echo device far from the noise that can become an obstacle for Alexa. A noisy environment can also be the reason for Alexa not responding properly. 

  1. The distance between the echo device and speakers

This also plays a major role behind your Alexa not working is the distance between your echo device and speakers. The optimum distance between the echo device and the speaker must be somewhere around 3 feet apart. Anything less would hinder Alexa from understanding your command. Placing the speaker near to the speaker will naturally lead to Alexa troubleshooting.

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  1. Put the echo device far from the wall

You also need to put your echo device far from the wall because of the presence of dust and dust particles that are present in the wall that can actually block and affect the voice path of the ecosystem of Alexa. Therefore, you must always place Alexa far from the wall.

Basic Solutions To Fix If Alexa Is Not Working

Now that we are well-aware of the causes of Alexa not responding to your voice commands, let us have a look at some of the easiest ways that can help you with the problem of Alexa not working. 

  1. Check echo’s microphone button

Check and turn on the echo’s microphone if it is switched off. This is one of the most common causes that lead to Alexa not responding. Therefore, before anything, check the microphone button and if despite it being turned on your Alexa is not responding to commands, then chances are that your button is damaged.

  1. Restarting Alexa

One of the easiest solutions to Alexa not working it restarting the device altogether. This step does not need much to do except for simply restarting Alexa. Also, always notice the blue light, if it is lit then it means Alex is hearing but not responding. Secondly, if you switch it off, then do not just open it right after you switch it on. Wait for at least 30 to 40 seconds and then restart again.

  1. Do a hard reset 

Now if you see that the above-mentioned solutions do not help you at all in fixing the problem it is time that you hard reset the echo dot. 

Here is how you hard reset the echo dot:

  • Press the reset button that is present at the bottom of the device which will change the blue light of Alexa to orange, turning off the drive.
  • After this, you will have to wait a few minutes before you restart and all your settings will be reset to original.

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  1. Change Alexa’s privacy

If you still face the problem of Alexa not working, then try changing the privacy. Here is how you do it:

  • Press the small button that is present at the end of the nucleus screen and this will enable or disable Alexa’s privacy.
  • To check if Alexa is responding to your commands, then give the command to Alexa again.
  1. Wifi congestions

Another reason for Alexa not responding can be wifi congestions. Due to too many devices connected to the wifi, Alexa is also not able to connect to wifi properly to listen to your commands.

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  1. Check the network

A small mistake that most of us make is that our smartphone and echo device is not connected to the same device. If they are not, then this is the only reason why Alexa is not working. Apart from these solutions try the methods given in the reasons above too, if Alexa troubleshooting persists. 

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