6 Most Amazing Apple Tv Features You Are Sleeping On!





Apple TV is a very unique and important device introduced by Apple which serves as a streaming media platform. Apple TV fetches content from the internet and then displays it on your television. The device has different models which vary basically in screen resolution and storage. But if we have a look at all the different models, they share some features that are common to all the models. The three models of the Apple TV are Apple TV 4K 64 GB, Apple TV 4K 32 GB and Apple TV HD. 

What Can Be Done With The Help Of The Apple TV?

Many activities can be done if you have Apple TV, but you should explore the plethora of options it offers to its users. Let us take a brief look at some of the most important Apple TV features:

  1. You can stream videos from the internet or movies from Netflix, Hulu and watch them on your tv.
  2. You can also stream and listen to the audio as Apple TV supports Apple music.
  3. Another Apple TV feature that is solely made for gamers is the ability to play games on your TV with the help of Apple TV.
  4. You can even cast your iOS device’s screen on the TV just with the help of the Apple TV.

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These are the most basic Apple TV features that almost every user who possesses it knows of, but there remain many other features unexplored by everyone. Therefore, to take full advantage of the Apple TV, it is important to learn some of the most important and interesting Apple TV tips and tricks. 

Best Apple TV Tips And Tricks That You Should Be Aware Of

Now, as we have discussed above the general and the most basic features of Apple, let us look at the not-so-explored features of the same. The below discussed Apple TV tips and tricks are not only just tricks but also extremely useful tips that should be known if you want to take full advantage of the Apple TV. 

Using the touchpad controls 

With its simplicity, comes many creative features and the touchpad controls are one of them. The new touchpad control replaced the old Apple TV remote and even though some might find it complex, it makes the activities smoother than before. These basic touchpad controls are quite similar to the trackpad you use in the laptops. 

Change and customize your screensaver 

The aerial screensavers of the Apple TV are worthy of showing off. Some many beautiful landscapes and sceneries are available in high resolution in the form of a video. You can select your photos in aerial screensaver mode and thereby customize your screen in a creative way. 

A quick way to delete what you do not need

Another quick way that can help you to delete apps that you do not use or like is by long-pressing on an icon that you wish to delete, then press the play/pause button and tap on delete to confirm your selection. If you want to delete multiple things, then go to settings and tap on manage storage.

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More menu button functions 

Until now, the only function of the menu button was to take you back to the previous page, but not anymore. You can do other things with the help of the menu button like if you double-click on the menu button, it will start a screen saver; if you triple-click on the menu button, then it will activate the accessibility shortcuts like zoom, closed captioning, voice-over, etc

Enter text with your iPhone or iPad

We have to agree that typing with the Apple TV remote can be very tiring and uncomfortable most of the time, therefore, this is one of the best Apple TV tips and tricks i.e. to type with your iPhone or iPad. So whenever you open the text input field on your TV, you will find a notification about the nearby iOS devices. This text input is the Apple TV keyboard that works with iOS devices. 

Lower the loud sounds 

Does it happen with you when you are watching movies at night and cannot watch them due to high volume and have to wear headphones even though you do not want it? Another Apple TV tips and tricks you should remember is that you can reduce loud sounds while watching movies at night or in a calm environment. All you need to do is to go to the settings options and tap on the audio and video option. Doing this will soften and lower the harsh volume in the movie. 

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Final Words

These are the top best Apple TV features that most of us tend to ignore and do not explore at all. These Apple TV features are very crucial to the working of the Apple TV. 

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