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It has been around four months since a ban was imposed on PUBG Mobile in India by the Government due to the ongoing tensions with China. The Indian government banned over 118 apps and games that were created and owned by Chinese companies including PUBG Mobile. Even though a dedicated game for India is yet to be released soon, the game is facing several hurdles from the authorities for the relaunch. However, this hasn’t stopped Indian gamers from playing popular games like the battle-royals and are continuing to play the game as if the ban was never imposed.

However, after the PUBG Ban news went on viral, some of the PUBG fans are looking for various ways to play PUBG mobile in India. Even though there are many substitutes of PUBG but as a PUBG fanatic, you may not like the substitutes. Earlier you might have tried Call of Duty or Free Fire but you may have ended up disliking those games sometime because of graphics or sometimes gameplay of those games.

However, we have come into your saviour! In this article, we will tell you ways to Play PUBG Mobile in India after the ban. 

Will You Be Able to Play PUBG Mobile After banning in India?

Before moving on to the ways to play Play PUBG mobile in India, let us answer the frequently asked questions by most players. Officially, you won’t be able to access PUBG Mobile in India after the ban but there are some techniques. So, just stay tuned and read the article and follow the steps carefully and enjoy the gameplay after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India.

How to play PUBG mobile in India after the ban?

Here are some of the methods that you can use to play PUBG mobile in India after the ban

Method 1: Use A Vpn Service 

As the PUBG Mobile game has been officially banned by the Indian Government. So the techniques we are providing are not official so you should try at your own risk. In future, if you face any issue then we are not to be held responsible for this.

We have tested out the method that is adopted by gamers and so far it has been working without any problems. It is quite easy to get the game working on your Android mobile phone since it is an open-source platform. You will require a VPN service to take full advantage to make this method work. 

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Firstly, you are supposed to download the latest APK file from a third-party source or PUBG Mobile’s official website. Then, you are supposed to fire up a VPN app from your smartphone for this technique to work. You can use premium services such as Surfshark or ExpressVPN or download any free VPN service from the App Store for this purpose. The reason why we have mentioned a premium VPN service is that it offers better latency in games. Since PUBG Mobile gamers need the lowest ping possible for your bullets to register on enemies and have enough time to react onto the oncoming attacks, we recommend you to use a quality VPN service for this purpose. 

Set your location to a different country besides India after opening a VPN app. We recommend you to use Singapore or Hong Kong as it offers the best latency for competitive games. Then, from PUBG Mobile’s official website or third-party repositories download the APK file.

Once you have been connected, launch the PUBG Mobile APK and let the game download the rest of the package that includes the latest version. If you are experiencing slow download speeds, for a speedy download you can disconnect from the VPN service midway. Once the download is successful, you can start playing PUBG Mobile in India normally and even have the ability to login from your social media account. 

If due to some reason you are not able to the servers, we recommend you to turn on the VPN again and connect to a different country and restart the game. You should be able to play PUBG Mobile in India after the ban like always without any error messages.

Method 2: Play PUBG After Ban (Unban PUBG in India) :

You might not be able to play the Global version of PUBG as it is banned in India, but you can use another version of PUBG like Korean or Game of Peace the Chinese Version.

PUBG Mobile is still functioning and you can enjoy playing the game using the Korean version but you will surely lose your skins, Level, Characters, Royal Pass, UC as it will require a new ID.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Korea?

Follow the steps mentioned below to download PUBG Mobile Korea :

  • Firstly, you should open this link and download PUBG mobile Korea
  • Now from here, you will be able to download the PUBG Mobile Korean version
  • Then, install it in your device

Now, simply enjoy PUBG gameplay on your device after the ban.

The download is normal for fans

We have tried out the same process on our Android device and it has worked flawlessly. PUBG Mobile in its new 1.2 update avatar looks amazing. The performance has updated for midrange devices and the gameplay physics has got some up-gradation as well, with improved animations and the glitches are fixed.

Install & play PUBG Mobile KR on PC

If you wish to play PUBG Mobile on your PC, you will be required to use an Android emulator. As of now, several Android emulators are available for Windows PC. You take help of any of them. 

Using an LD Player

LD Player is gaming-oriented. This Android emulator is mainly meant for gaming and offers some useful functions for you. For example, there are some custom controls, macros or script support or high FPS support, etc. Here is how you can use it to play PUBG Mobile Korean version on PC.

How To Download & install the LD Player on your PC?
  • Launch the Android emulator and then open the ‘Browser’
  • Then, you need to open the web browser and move to the website. And install the TapTap installation file.
  • Install the application on LD Player once done,
  • Now you need to open TapTap and search for PUBG Mobile.
  • Choose ‘PUBG Mobile KR’ from the list and then click on the ‘Download’ button.
  • Once you are done, choose on the ‘Install’ button.

That is it! Now you can run PUBG Mobile KR on your PC

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So, this is our guide on how to use PUBG Mobile in India after the ban, we believe this has been useful for you. 

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