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“GTA Vice City Mumbai” is a short description of this game. In this game, a little thief will step into the shoes in the hope of making it big in the city of dreams. The trailer features fairly sophisticated graphics and lovely environments taken from Mumbai’s actual version. And some thrilling sequences of action.

Accordingly, though the main inspiration of the game is GTA Vice City, creator Nikhil Malankar also took notes of different big names. Last week, the trailer was dropped and the power and streamer that promoted it got a lot of attention from the Indian fans.

Mumbai gullies game trailer

The trailer is masterfully built- the high-speed car chase helps the fans to look more closely at the different monuments of the city. Any game developer will be challenged by Mumbai. Because of its scale and a wide number of streets and alleys that branch off.

It seems to be incredibly impressive to light Mumbai Gullies. It is on par with Steam’s higher-budget games. This certainly represents a big move forward, as GameEon has only produced mobile games at the studio behind the Mumbai Gullies. The game looks like an AAA title, from the professional voice of the various complicated details.

They have spent five years creating this game, according to the creator Nikhil Malankar. In the Gaming world, the trailer has made several waves-with the hashtag #Mumbai Gullies Trending on Twitter.

The city of Mumbai is brought back to life from the trailer with prominent places like Dalal Lane, dangerous traffic, and sweet foot traffic. The trailer highlights the game’s graphics that look very impressive, as it is a separate game. With the description’ The trailer began a game influenced by the incredible contrast of Mumbai city’s life. A city where every few meters the scenery changes. You could see impressive skyscrapers at one stage and see thousands of long slums at the other.

We see a red sedan, like what we see in the street of India, sailing from the chaotic traffic of Mumbai at some point in the trailer. Like real life, the car follows others very closely and prevents a crash narrowly; many Indian people have daily experience in towns.

Mumbai gullies release date

Nothing was told about the release date, but Nikhil Malankar said it takes at least 2 years to make an open-world Indian game and that this game represents India.

He also said that the Mumbai-inspired creation of a game has been at work for at least 5 years and he waited for the correct moment to start a large project of this nature.

Is Mumbai gullies PC or android friendly?

Founded by the Mumbai Based Gaming Studio, Mumbai Gullies is called “GameEon ” it’s not new. GameEon has a cumulative download of 100 million+ and has 30+ games on the Google play store.

They already make numerous Android games and many of them in the Google Play Store are very positive. This game’s a PC game, though. We don’t know if this game will or isn’t published for Android, but Nikhil Malankar reported that Mumbai Gullies would be a PC game during an interview with Money Control on 17 November at India Game Development Conference.

Mumbai gullies: Teaser details

Whilst the game currently doesn’t have many details, the teaser shows some places that we hope will be available in the game. The teaser description on YouTube reads, “Mumbai Gullies” is the game that we have dreamed of. It is the dream that our CEO, Nikhil Malankar, has imagined since he and his friend began his career.

We presume the game plot is linked with the city’s fictional underworld. The teaser displays the Bombay Borse and the sign for Dalal Lane. Scenes that display the famous Mumbai black and yellow taxis along with the auto-rickshaws are allowed.

The Teaser is showing a red sedan car sailing through a dense and busy lane, with a fairly precise police car chasing it. We see several dairy centers open early in the evening. There is an environment showing a character from GameEon Studios who is playing a game called Kyte itself.

We also see what appears to be a famous character in a street wall in a teaser shot. We also look at police officers in the game who are drawn to real-life people. The teaser was broken down by CEO Nikhil Malankar, who describes the various details of the game, including the cars, the roads, parks, and others.

The teaser notes that Steam and Epic games will soon be published for PCs.

Features of the Mumbai gully game 

  • This is an Indian game.
  • It is based in Mumbai (a city in India).
  • It will be a high graphic name, according to the trailer.
  • Displayed on PC.
  • The shop is for Steam and Epic games.


No details on the price of this game as only the trailer 2 or 3 days ago does not give you any information on pricing and all.


As you know, Indian brands are creating many high graphic games that are now popular. We must hope to see how the actual life of the game is and how we can tell the trailer how the game is. But one thing we should do now is to support and support Indian brands.

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