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Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game developed by Mojang and created by Markus Notch Persson. The game is programmed in Java programming language and was first released in November 2011. As of 2020, with more than 126 million active users with about 200 million copies sold, Minecraft is one amongst the list of best-selling video games.

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Minecraft is not a goal-oriented game that allows the players to choose the way they want to handle the game. Hence, the game is virtually infinite and through the 3D game blocks and fluids, players can pick or place materials accordingly. In this article, we will discuss this video game along with one of its interesting features, which is about the lingering potion in Minecraft, its uses, and other functions. 

Minecraft Gameplay

This game has an infinite gameplay structure with different materials, potions, and gaming modes. The player can also choose the difficulty level from peaceful to hard. The materials available on the game include dirt, ores, stones, tree trunks, water, lava, Redstone, etc. Several complicated mechanical structures, logic gates, electrical circuits, etc. can be used to create different functional systems.

The entire main world along with the parallel worlds, that is, the Nether and the End, have different rules, scenarios, and pace of gaming. For example, the Nether is a hell-like world forming the alternate universe to the main world, where each block crossed is equal to eight blocks crossed or travelled overworld. The End world is designed to be barren land with several islands and an Ender dragon dwelling upon them. Once the player kills the dragon, the exit portal to the game is opened which leads to the game end credits and a poem written by Julian Gough. Now that we have an idea about the gaming structure of Minecraft, let us check out the game modes available for the players. 

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1. Survival mode

The survival mode allows players to gather natural resources found open in the environment to craft certain blocks and items. They need to tackle the creatures according to the difficulty level chosen. The player has to protect themselves from the attacks by the mobs, falls, drowning and falling into lava or suffering from suffocation, starvation, and other events.

2. Creative mode

As the name suggests, the creative mode provides the players with the choice to build on different systems or projects without being affected by any sort of damage, hunger, etc. Players can fly freely around the world, add or remove resources from the inventory and explore the game without any disturbance.

3. Hardcore mode

The hardcore mode is a type of survival mode with the hardest settings and chances of permadeath or permanent death of the players by losing all their health. After the player dies while in the hardcore mode, the player becomes a mere spectator or simply delete the world, however, this mode can only be accessed using the Java edition. Other modes include the spectator mode to view the game, multiplayer mode to interact with other characters in the world and the adventurous world where the players can use the customized maps, with all the rules or restrictions set according to the map maker.

Lingering Potion In Minecraft

Lingering potions are used in Minecraft just like the other weapons which are used to create a cloud effect after they explode. When the lingering potion is thrown, the cloud is made from the particles of the portion corresponding to the potion that was used. These specialized potions were added in update 1.9 in the Combat update. These potions are similar to splash potions that can be thrown and when the glass bottle hits the ground, it breaks and produces a low-floating cloud that stays as vapor for a few seconds. This cloudiness affects every player or mob that walks into it. Lingering potions can be used to be loaded in a dispenser against Redstone attacks. This potion can be used to put out Fires also.

Point to be noted: The lingering potion cannot be stacked hence lots of glass bottles must be kept in reserve to use many of these potions. Apart from this, the glass bottle wouldn’t just be emptied as in the case of the regular drinking potion but be destroyed.

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How To Make A Lingering Potion In Minecraft

To make or brew a lingering potion the player requires a bottle of dragon breath and a brewing stand. 

1. Dragon breath

The dragon breath can be collected by holding a glass bottle in one hand and collecting the toxic cloud created by the Ender Dragon, in the End world. It is a pink-colored gas-filled bottle.

2. Brewing stand

The brewing stand is a utility block found in Minecraft that can be used to brew potions, splash potions, and lingering potions. It can be accessed by pressing use on them. The brewing stand interface has five slots – the glass bottles can be on the bottom three slots, which must be either filled with water or some potion. The topmost slot is used for an ingredient to be added with the options below and the upper left slot is for the addition of the blaze powder that can fuel up to 20 batches of potions. Here are the steps to make a lingering potion:

Step 1

First craft the Blaze Powder using the 1 Blaze Rod. The crafting table must be created from four planks of wood. The plank can be of any type such as Crimson Planks, Warped Planks, etc.

Step 2

Place the crafting table on the ground and open it on a 3×3 crafting grid. Now craft a brewing table and use the Blaze Rod and three Cobblestones in the top and middle rows respectively for the same.

Step 3

After placing the Brewing stand on the ground, interact with it to open the Brewing menu. Now activate the stand by placing the Blaze powder on the top-left slot.

Step 4

Keep any one of the splash potions on the bottom slot of the brewing stand. To create a splash potion, simply add Gunpowder to any ordinary potion. Further, when the Dragon breath is added to these ingredients, the lingering potion can be created.

Step 5

Once the progress bar is filled, the lingering potion would be added to the inventory.

In this article, we have covered the steps to make a lingering potion in Minecraft along with their basics and gameplay. Hope this was useful for you to understand Minecraft gaming and enjoy the adventure!

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