Learn How To Fish In Minecraft And Gain Power And Resources!





If you are a lover of video games, and specifically interested in playing Minecraft then you do not need any further introduction about the importance of the fishing rod and to know about how to fish in Minecraft. But if you are not aware of the same then you must know that a fishing rod is not just a mere fishing rod you heat about, but rather considered as a treasure obtained by the player with which you can grab not only the food but many other things that players would not be able to get otherwise.

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What Can You Get If You Know How To Fish In Minecraft?

This is probably the most asked question that preoccupies the minds of the new players after knowing the importance of fishing. Fishing is one of the most important tasks of Minecraft and lets players get their hands on important items, therefore if you have a fishing rod you can get enchanted books, nautical shells, and many other amazing items of Minecraft and gives you the power and chances to obtain more items in the game. Considering the above parameters of the game overpowering the players if they have a fishing rod leaves us no excuse to not know how to fish in Minecraft. 

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How To Make A Fishing Rod In Minecraft?

Now that we have known about the importance and the power you get from the fishing rod, let us learn about the ingredients you need  to make a fishing rod in Minecraft. The number of things that you need to make is quite a few and just with the three things that are given below you can learn how to make a fishing rod in Minecraft. Here is what you need to make a fishing rood to do fishing in Minecraft:

  1. Crafting table
  2. 3 sticks
  3. 2 string

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How To Fish In Minecraft? 

As we are aware of the ingredients used in the making of the fishing rod in Minecraft and the importance it entails in the game, now its time to learn about how to fish in Minecraft: The first thing you need is the crafting table. Here is how you can make a crafting table in Minecraft: 

  1. Convert your recently purchased logs into wooden planks and place them into any of the slots of the survival inventory crafting table.
  2. Once you have converted the logs into wooden planks, you can then move on to make a crafting table. All you need to do is to place four wooden planks in the survival crafting table and to fill every slot in the square once.

Now to make a fishing rod finally, move further with these steps:

  1. To move on to the making of a fishing rod in Minecraft, you need to make sticks. You can either use the survival inventory crafting table or you can make use of the crafting table that you have created to make your sticks.
  2. To make sticks in Minecraft, you need to place two blocks of wooden planks above each other and on either the left or the right side of the square.

Now move to create a string for the fishing rod that you are making in Minecraft:

  1. Now is time to collect the string for your fishing rod. To get your string you need to kill some spiders. Therefore after killing the spiders you can easily obtain the string for your fishing rod in Minecraft. Collect two pieces of string in total and once you have collected it, you can now proceed on to make yourself the perfect string for the fishing rod.
  2. Now you need to open the crafting table GUI and keep the sticks in a diagonal position across the crafting table. Place your two strings under the top-most stick which will create a fishing rod.

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How To Fish In Minecraft Using A Fishing Rod?

The procedure is as easy as making the fishing rod in Minecraft. Here is how you can use it in your game:

  1. Right-click when you see a waterbody and wait until the water is rushing to your side and the hook that you see will go up and down the water.
  2. Now as soon as you see any fishing item, then right-click and it will retract the fishing rod and you will get the item you wanted.

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This is how one can make a fishing rod in Minecraft and also fish in Minecraft with the help of these easy steps.  

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