5 Best Password Managers That Will Prevent You From Remembering Every Password





Every day we log in to many different websites or register ourselves into different things and for each of them, a password is needed. It can become exhausting and confusing at the same time to remember the password for every webpage you have visited. Not only this, every website has its requisites to form a strong password, while others do not follow it that strictly. This means that there will be certain conditions laid down to form a strong password like a capital letter or a number is mandatory or you should use at least one special character in your password, etc. This will lead you to forget your password even after a few minutes you made it. Therefore, to help you out with this we have password managers. 

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Are Password Managers Safe To Use? 

Before we move on to the best password managers to use for 2021, let us clear one lingering doubt regarding the veracity and credibility of password managers. Almost all your password managers use encryption to safeguard your passwords. The AES 256-Bit is the standard laid down by the industry. Moreover, it is easier for hackers to crack your account via phishing or other techniques than using your password. 

Best Password Managers For Androids/ MAC

The two kinds of operating systems that mostly use password managers are Android devices and iOS devices. Therefore let us learn more about the password manager and which one is best suited for android and iOS.


This is the best password manager that is capable of keeping a login for 50 accounts with multi-factor authentication. This password manager can not only remember and fill your passwords, but you can also use it to fill out form details as it saves each of your details. If you want to increase the limit for passwords and make it unlimited then you can choose their premium plan.

Dashlane is the best password manager to use for 2022 and integrates very well with iOS, Android, macOS and windows. From usernames, passwords, credit card numbers you can save it all on Dashlane very easily. 

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This is another one of the best password managers available for free, but again it is limited to using it on a single device with a password storage limit of 20.  But to gain its unlimited access, one needs to sign up for an annual billing plan which just costs around 90 INR per month. Also, Enpass world offline, implying that it does not save your passwords on the server, therefore, if you need to sync your data across devices, you will eventually have to use iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive. Apart from this, there are several additional features like biometrics, password generator, etc. This password manager is compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. 


Nordpass is considered one of the best password managers for business in 2022 as it is quite capable and an all-rounder in managing your password. It even has browser plug-ins for different browsers and desktop applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux and even the mobile OS for android and apple. 

Nordpass can also store your card details, e-commerce website details thus ensuring faster checkouts.  In the premium edition, you also get to sync information across devices and get a license through which you can connect 6 devices. Another amazing feature is there is no limit to passwords you want to manage, but it does impose a restriction on auto-filling of the forms. 

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Keeper is another best password manager to use for 2022 as it has different packages available for business, family and individuals. Dua to its variety in features, Keeper is also considered one of the best password managers in 2022. All the plans of the Keeper app come with unlimited devices, password storage, autofill options and even offer a 50 per cent discount. Moreover, privacy is also very tight and the keeper will alert you if it sees your password in any kind of data breach, or your password is too weak or used multiple times.


This is one of the free password managers and is super-secure and packed with different kinds of features. The best thing about Lastpass is that there is unlimited storage for passwords and you also have access to device syncing without paying anything. The data stored has 256-bit AES encryption. You can also download its app for your Macbook that includes a safari extension, which makes it easier for you to auto-fill details. You can even sign up for its paid plan and get access to its premium version. 

Final Words

These are the top password managers you can use to keep your private data and passwords safe and sound in a digital vault. 

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