Backup And Restore Your Wi-Fi Passwords: 2 Ways To Do It

Restore your WiFi passwords





Since Wi-Fi became popular in the modern world, technology has become a must-have in every household as people use it to search the internet, play their favorite tracks and movies, or log in to their preferred social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Another key use of Wi-Fi is to seamlessly backup Android data to the cloud. This helps to save the cellular data on your 3G/4G/5G devices.

However, there can be times when you forget your Wi-Fi password, given that it needs to be entered only once into most devices. This may stop you from connecting, let’s say, a new device to your network. To avoid such a situation, it is recommended that you always keep a backup of your Wi-Fi network’s password, either physically by noting it down or on your device. In this article, we’ll clear your doubts on how to back up and restore your Wi-Fi passwords. You’ll only need to follow these easy and convenient methods.

Ways To Back Up And Restore Your WI-FI Passwords

Here are the 2 ways to Backup and restore your Wi-Fi passwords

1. Backing up your Wi-Fi Password on Google

One of the most efficient and secure places to back up your Wi-Fi password to your Google account. Living up to its name, Google is one of the most convenient ways to save and restore various forms of your data. Here’s how to back up and restore your Wi-Fi passwords on Google:

  •  Access ‘Settings’ on your Android device and then scroll to ‘Account’. Now, click on the ‘Add Account’ option. Once that is done, log in to your Google account using the correct credentials.
  • Now, under ‘Settings’ search for the ‘Backup and Reset’ option. Click on ‘Backup my data’. Now you can backup and restore your WiFi passwords using Google’s servers. This process also backs up your app data and settings configurations.

Though Google makes it relatively easy to store a backup of your WiFi passwords on its servers, many Android devices restrict this feature due to security reasons.

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2. Backup your Wi-Fi Passwords using a Password App

Apart from the aforementioned method of using Google as your backup storage, you can try using one of the plentiful third-party apps from Google Play Store dedicated to storing a backup of your passwords. Wi-Fi Password is one such reliable application that is popularly used to backup Wi-Fi passwords. Keep in mind that you’ll need to root your device in order to use this app. This method can also be used to backup and restore hidden Wi-Fi passwords as well.

Restore your WiFi passwords
Restore your Wi-Fi passwords
  • Install and launch the app on your device. Make sure to grant root access when prompted by the app. Without providing root access, you cannot utilize the features of this app.
  • As soon as you have granted root access to the app, all you’ll need to do is to tap on your Wi-Fi network’s name to see the password.
  • You can now copy and paste the password and use it wherever necessary. Moreover, the app also lets you email the passwords to your ID; so that you can access them later when needed.

As you may have guessed, there are considerable risks to consider while backing up your passwords over Wi-Fi. In case these risks concern you, there are many alternatives to choose from to backup and restore your Wi-Fi passwords. You can always consider storing the backup data from your phone locally onto your computer.

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Dr. fone- a One Stop Solution

One application that enables this feature is dr.fone – Phone Backup. This software lets you use a computer to back up your device data. It comes with plenty of functionalities such as a preview of your backup before restoring it, no overwriting of old backup files and no loss of data during restore and backup, etc. Moreover, this application is highly recommended and trusted by users across the globe for its reliability and success rates.

Restore your WiFi passwords
Restore your Wi-Fi passwords

Here are a few features available with this application

1. Dr.fone Recover

A powerful recovery software helps you to retrieve lost data back from phones that you might think are either lost or dead.

2. Dr.fone Switch

Freely and seamless transfer data between your iPhone and a new Android handset.

3. Dr.fone Restore Social App

Do not worry about losing the contents of a WhatsApp chat, as you can now make full backups and transfers between iPhone and Android devices.

dr.fone unlock: Use this feature on your device even when you’ve forgotten your password.

4. Dr.fone Backup & Restore

Backup your data and easily restore it to a new device.

5. Dr.fone Erase

Only keep the files you need using this efficient data eraser.

6. Dr.fone Transfer

Transfer all the data you need from your device to your computer easily.

Using this application is one of the efficient ways to back up and restore your Wi-Fi passwords, as it does it locally on your computer. You can also use this application to back up a wide range of file types such as multimedia files, applications, calendar notes, contact details, call logs, and app data. 

As this is a desktop-based application, there is rarely the fear of accidental data loss. And that makes it a lot safer than performing a backup of your passwords over a Wi-Fi network. Restoring data on your device is a cakewalk, as you can now preview the data prior to restoring it to your device. This application not only comes with selective backup and restore; but is guaranteed against overwriting of backup data files. 

It is advisable to back up your entire device data as well, before resetting or restoring your Wi-Fi passwords. Sometimes, small issues in the process, such as your device is getting locked out due to multiple incorrect password attempts, may turn out to be the reason behind you losing your valuable data. Remember, when you backup Wi-Fi passwords, make sure to back up your device data as well.

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