4 Top-tier Tri-band Mesh Wi-Fi Systems Everyone Is Talking About





A smooth and stable internet connection can save you from any mishaps, especially at the time when all the professional and personal work has taken an online turn. For gaming purposes, video streaming, zoom meetings, operating your smart home devices and many other tasks that require access to the internet in order to function. 

While most of the routers will give a stable and speedy connection to all the devices in the house, provided it is a medium-sized or a small-sized house. Things take a bad turn when space gets larger, say a large house with double-storeys or a larger than the normal house or any space. 

This is where even the strongest internet connection gets shaky. Normally, to tackle the situation, people use range extenders, which to be honest to a great job in resuming the internet connection, but at the same time, they decrease the bandwidth to almost half or even less from your main router. 

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The second solution that comes in hand is using the access points which offer you a perfect bandwidth, but again they are wired so it becomes extremely clumsy and even impractical in many cases. Here comes the top-tier tri-band mesh wi-fi to save you from the dilemma. 

What is a Mesh Wi-fi System? 

This is a top-tier tri-band mesh wifi system that is designed to provide you with a seamless internet connection despite the size of the area. In the mesh wi-fi system, there are in the main router that is directly connected to your modem and a series of satellite modules that are placed throughout your house or the space you are going to use it for. 

Top-Tier Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi You Should Definitely Look For

Now if you are someone struggling with an unstable internet connection due to any of the reasons mentioned above, then let us take a look at some of the top-tier tri-band mesh wi-fi systems. 

1. Eero Pro 6

First among the list of the top-tier tri-band mesh wi-fi is the eero pro 6. It has a completely wireless performance with a three-pack, meaning you have three wifi 6 units with quadcore processors, a tri-band connectivity and ethernet ports. Moreover, the Eero pro 6 can cover an area of around 6000 square feet and is able to keep many devices connected without any loss or instability in the internet connection. 

Eero makes devices compatible with each other. It has a memory of 1 GB and 4 GB storage. It also consists of Bluetooth LE 5.0, VPN passthrough, WPA3, and Zigbee. 

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2. Netgear Orbi Top-Tier Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi

The Netgear orbi whole home tri-band mesh wifi system is another one you should be considering for the non-cloud wifi system. This wifi system comes in many different varieties and with two full-featured units and tri-band wifi and a band connected to the backhaul between the nodes. 

This top-tier tri-band mesh Wi-Fi has 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and a signal rate of 866 Mbps and 400 Mbps. It boasts the storage of 512 MB NAND flash and memory of 512 MB. Also, each unit has 4 ethernet ports for wiring and connecting up your stationary devices so that you do not have to rely on cloud devices like other mesh wifi systems. 

3. Linksys – ac2200 Tri-Band Mesh Wifi 5 Router

Next up is the linksys – ac2200 tri-band mesh wifi 5 router that provides you with teh excellent quality coverage around your home and has the newest features like MU-MIMO, band steering on 5 GHz and Alexa integration. The wifi has a processor of 716 MHz with fast ethernet data protocol and is compatible with Mac and PC. It has a flash memory of 256 MB. 

4. Nighthawk Mesh Wifi 6 System MK 83 

This is another top-tier tri-band mesh wi-fi with a 5 GHz signal. Between all the three bands, this mesh wifi system is able to max out the bandwidth of around 3600 Mbps. It is consistent with the network and is actually quite affordable. This mesh wifi has a frequency of 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 5 GHz and a signal rate of 1800 Mbps. The wifi has the processor of quad-core 1.5 GHz processor and memory of 512 MB and storage of 256 MB. 

Here are the top 4 top-tier tri-band mesh wi-fi systems that you should be trying out if you are looking for a strong wifi connection. 

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