Gender Inclusivity Steps From Zoom: Zoom Launches Pronoun-Sharing Features





Since the lockdown has rolled down, every type of work from personal to professional and even the schoolwork has been turned to online. Zoom has just come in time to save everyone, and almost every interaction and meeting, both formal and informal, happens on zoom, Zoom launches pronoun-sharing features.

Therefore, a major activity that happens around zoom is interaction. It is seen that most of the time people on zoom apps use incorrect pronouns for other people. Most people on zoom might be the ones whom we do not know personally, therefore, it is inevitable to commit such an error of addressing the other with the person. 

Where Will the Pronouns be Displayed on the Zoom App? 

Before now, if you wanted to show your pronouns, you would have to manually insert your pronouns after your name. But it is not the same now after the zoom app downloads with this new feature. Now zoom launches pronoun-sharing features, due to which one does not need to worry about others addressing them with the wrong pronouns.

This feature of the zoom app allows the users to share their pronouns along with their names displayed on the zoom app for both computer and phone both. There will be a pronouns option for you which you will select and insert your correct pronouns. These pronouns will be displayed on the screen of the zoom app along with your name. These will make it super easier to identify and address the person with their preferred pronouns. 

Some of the pronouns options that you have are he/him/his and he/her/hers. For the ones who do not stick on any gender binary, the pronouns options are as follows they/them theirs. This is a very crucial and praiseworthy feature that has been introduced by the zoom app which helps users to identify others and express themselves fearlessly and confidently. 

More About the Pronoun-Sharing Feature by Zoom 

As the zoom Launches Pronoun-Sharing Features, there are many features that you should know about this newly introduced feature. In zoom’s latest update 5.7.0, the app gives users the option to insert their pronouns. The update has this whole dedicated field made up just for the users’ pronouns section to make it easier for everyone to address each other with their preferred pronouns. 

Apart from addressing each other with the preferred pronouns, there is one major facility that this new feature provides us with. Some companies and organizations have strict policies against employees changing their names. Therefore, the users have to refrain from changing or adding anything apart from their names (like pronouns).

The users have the liberty to choose whether they wish to share their pronouns when they enter any meeting. This feature respects the privacy of transgenders who choose not to come out and want to keep their pronouns hidden. A big step, yet again, for the personal safety of the people at the same time. 

Adding the Zoom Pronoun Feature 

Now that we have learnt about the zoom app’s new pronouns feature, let us know more about how to add it. As zoom launches pronoun-sharing features, there are many options inside it apart from just inserting and displaying your pronouns. Let us see more about it!

Now, once you update your zoom app to the latest version, the new pronoun feature rolls in which is displayed on your profile page. All you need to do is simply insert your preferred pronoun in the form of the custom text. After this, you can select how and where on the page you want to communicate and display through your pronouns in a zoom meeting or your zoom webinar.

The other important feature is that you have the choice to display your pronouns on zoom. The new zoom app update has a feature that will ask your permission regarding whether you want to share your pronouns with the participants of the meeting or not. One important thing to remember is that it is not a one-time thing that you set it to a particular option and zoom will never ask again. The confirmation message will pop up every time you join a new meeting or webinar on the zoom platform. The options are: always share and do not share. 

Final Words

The news about the zoom launches pronouns-sharing feature has taken all over the internet, and it is one of the most amazing things that has happened in the tech world. 

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