YouTube Videos Not Playing? Easy Fixes For Mobile And Browser





YouTube is one of the largest streaming sites for many users. YouTubers have loaded the site with a lot of content to view which has gained a lot of viewers over time. However, sometimes YouTube users might face YouTube videos not playing issues.

In case you are having an unlucky time with YouTube because of this then you are at the right place. This article will show you some of the fixes for YouTube videos not loading issues for both smartphones and PCs.

Reasons Why YouTube Videos Not Playing Issues Occurs

In case you are curious as, why your YouTube videos won’t play, then these might be a few of the reasons for it.

1. Browser Problems

Most of the time YouTube videos won’t play because of browser problems. Refreshing the page or closing the browser then again opening usually fixes the problem. You also have to make sure your browser doesn’t have any updates or cache files piled up.

2. Internet Problems

Poor internet connection is the most common problem for anything online to function properly. Make sure you have a strong and stable connection while playing the videos. 

You can also lower your YouTube video quality while watching them in case your connection doesn’t have the required strength.

3. Computer Problem

In a few cases, your PCs might be the problem for your YouTube video not loading. The unwanted apps that run in the background might be interfering with your YouTube streaming.

4. YouTube Mobile Problem

Sometimes malfunctioning of the app itself might be the problem. Cache files of the YouTube app are enough to cause trouble while streaming your videos. These files contain corrupted files that can cause hindrance.

5. Technical Issues on YouTube’s Side

If even after refreshing your current YouTube page, you are not able to stream the videos. Then check whether there are some technical issues from YouTube’s end. In such scenarios, you cannot do anything and try streaming the video after some time.

6. Private Video

If you are trying to view a private video, first make sure you have been invited to view the video. Secondly, make sure the person who created this video knows how to change the video privacy settings.

What To Do When YouTube Videos Won’t Play on Smartphones?

If the YouTube videos are not playing on your smartphone, then you can try the following fixes.

1. Restart your smartphone

Many issues can be resolved just by restarting your Android or iOS device. By doing so, your device will close the unwanted apps running in the background and interfering with the proper functioning of YouTube. This only takes a minute or so to do this.

After your smartphone turns back on, open YouTube and check whether the problem has been resolved or not.

2. Check your network connection

Most of the time, the application in your smartphone does not work due to a poor network connection. Check your WiFi or cellular network. You can try swapping to another app and check if it is working properly or not. If not, then try rebooting your network connection.

3. Update your smartphone’s operating system

Go to your smartphone’s settings and then to “System updates”. Check whether your device’s operating system is up-to-date or not. Sometimes, when your device has pending operating system updates, apps tend to malfunction. Do all the necessary updates and check whether this is helping you to play the YouTube video properly or not.

4. Delete the app’s cache and data

Most of the cache files and folders contain harmful corrupt files. Apps create those files while they are being operated by you but it has to be deleted manually. Go to the setting and choose “Application”. There, for the YouTube app, you should be able to delete the app’s cache files and data or try reinstalling the app on your device again.

Note: Deleting the app’s data will change various settings that were previously made in the app. So, we suggest you make considerable changes after clearing the cache files.

5. Update the YouTube app

At times, YouTube videos won’t play because you might be using an outdated app. Make sure you use an updated version of YouTube on your smartphone. If not, update your app and check if YouTube is playing videos properly or not.

What To do When Your YouTube Videos Not Loading on the Browser?

If you are facing issues while playing videos on your browser, then try these fixes. Below various fixes are provided that can be tried in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

1. Check your browser

If your browser is outdated or not. If it is outdated the video won’t play properly. You can compare your browser version with the latest one by searching over the net.

2. Cache files and data

Too many cache files and cookies will obstruct the proper working of YouTube videos. Go to your browser setting and try clearing out the cache files and cookies. Check whether this solves the issue or not.

3. Internet connection

Poor internet connection to your system could be the reason for the problem. Try resetting the connection setting. In case it’s just a temporary poor network connection, then you can try adjusting the video quality by tapping on the Gear Icon at the bottom.

Adjust the quality according to your network speed. We suggest you set on a low-quality video if you are using YouTube for enjoying music.

4. Extensions and Plugins

Extensions and plugins are useful for your browsers, but some of them can cause more harm than good. They can even obstruct YouTube videos. Extensions and plugins do not work in incognito mode. Therefore, to check whether an extension causes the problem or not. Open a private browsing tab or in incognito mode tab, and open YouTube.

Try watching videos in it. If YouTube works, then you probably have some issues either with your extensions or plugin. 

5. Turn on JavaScript

One more reason why your YouTube videos won’t play might be linked to JavaScript. You need to have JavaScript to play YouTube videos. Check whether it is turned on in your browser or not. If not, then turning it on must solve the problem.

Hopefully, one of these fixes was able to fix the YouTube videos not playing issue for you and helped you enjoy your streaming back.

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