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Are you bored of using the official YouTube site for your music searches and are looking for an alternative such as the YouTube Music desktop client, then this article beholds the list of all such solutions available? We will mainly focus on the YouTube players available for the Linux operating system, as of today. 

Even though there are several applications such as the YouTube-dl, which allows its users to download the videos from the platform the solutions discussed here allow online browsing, and streaming right from their desktop instead of using a web browser. In some cases, these applications provide advanced functionality when compared to the browser version of the official YouTube page, hence such special features are also highlighted.

In this article, we will check out the YouTube Music desktop clients for Linux-based systems along with their features. So, let us start with the basics to know in detail about YouTube, and the difference between the YouTube music PC client and the website to get a better understanding of the need or uses of such applications. 

YouTube Music Desktop Client that you ought to try

The official YouTube website has several restrictions and a specific layout on a global scale whereas the applications allow certain customizations. Such personalized features are not available on the web page. Apart from this, other pros include storage of localized playlists, downloading the media as well as changing their formats in YouTube music client android.

1. Minitube

Minitubie is a YouTube music Linux client with a very easy-to-use interface. Its structure is such that hassle-free browsing of YouTube videos and music is possible just the way one surfs through channels in television. So, this is a lightweight application that one can start enjoying almost instantaneously as it requires very few resources. 

Some of its unique features include filters to avoid inappropriate videos or subscriptions to channels that are not of your preference. This YouTube music desktop client does not require a web browser to search videos hence it saves battery improving its life. Also, the notifications related to the channels you have subscribed to will be updated in Minitube hence you will not miss any latest videos of your interest. 

On the whole, this is a YouTube music Linux client that has several pros and almost no cons!

2. GTK YouTube Viewer

The GTK YouTube music client Linux applications that support fine-tuning of searches and streaming of videos are very few. One among them is the Gtk YouTube viewer, which is also a lightweight application as it requires only a few resources. The reason behind such efficient streaming and searching is its structure and that it is written in Perl. 

One can enjoy the filters, get the video details such as its total length, views, likes, dislikes, and channel subscription. One can also log in using the official YouTube website credentials to enable the sync between these two platforms for a better user experience. Yet another unique feature is that the user can download and search for content using the ‘command line interface also.

3. MotionBox

MotionBox is an open-sourced, free YouTube music desktop client that also supports the streaming of content in Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Torrents, etc. The DuckDuckGo is useful for such searches and one can enjoy multiple tab video browsing also. 

Such applications and search engines help to keep your searches private and at the same time, it provides the desired result. Some of its features include audio-only mode, which is best suitable for those in search of a desktop solution especially for music, and dark mode browsing, 4K viewing, etc.

4. MPs-YouTube

MPs YouTube is a YouTube music desktop client that does not allow major customizations but is best for those who want terminal-based applications. When compared to the previously mentioned applications, this is not beginner-friendly. However, once you take time to understand its structure it becomes very useful as one can create their playlists, save them and download them whenever required. The option to convert the video’s format to other audio or video formats is also available.

5. Kaku

Kaku is open-source software for audio and video files that functions on multiple online platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Vimeo. This is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS and therefore is built in Electron. A few of the Kaku features involve DJ mode, local watch history, play queue, the functioning to import YouTube playlists, get timely desktop notifications, and location-based selection. The advantage of using this application is one can use media applications other than YouTube also but the theming does not differ based on each platform.

6. FreeTube

FreeTube is a desktop YouTube player written in Electron which is a free and open-sourced language. It demonstrates YouTube videos without ad campaigns and as well as prevents Google from monitoring the users by using cookies and JavaScript. A few of the attributes of FreeTube also include the ability to sign up to networks without setting up an account, watch history, a dark theme mode, a mini-player, etc. 

Keep in mind that this platform is still in the testing phase though it is relatively stable apart from the issue of occasional bugs, crashes, and missing functions. The FreeTube desktop application is compatible with Windows, OS, and Linux. FreeTube is the best choice to ensure privacy while browsing but the only con is the structure of the application which resembles a website rather than a personalized app.

YouTube Music Desktop Client: Yay or Nay

On the whole, regardless of the fact that the options of  Linux YouTube apps are sparse, such applications include several more functionalities than that of the official YouTube webpage, like audio-only media player mode, the users can download video content, and enjoy the dark mode. 

In this article, we have discussed in detail the various YouTube music desktop client options for Linux users along with their specific pros and cons. Hope this was useful in finding the right solution for enjoying YouTube media.

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