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WordPress is the most commonly used to manage blogs, and other websites as it is a free, open-sourced domain for content management that pairs with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Millions of visitors read, interact and benefit from the contents of their choice each month. 

This powerful tool was initially created as a blog publishing system which later evolved to support web contents, media galleries, membership sites, online stores, etc. As of May 2021, it is in use more than 40% of the top 10 management system tools!

Managing millions of users is a tough task until you have the best WordPress hosting solutions at your service. It helps in delivering a high-performance experience to the viewers and also makes management of the website much easier for the host. This article will focus on such WordPress hosting solutions and this WordPress hosting review will help in choosing from the best options which are available in the market.

How is This WordPress Hosting Review Useful?

In order to understand the benefits of checking out various best WordPress hosting services, first one must know the true purpose of such solutions. The hosting solutions are different from regular hosting as the provider of your choice will host WordPress only on servers you use, hence, making it easier for optimization of overall performance as well as maintain security as there is only one kind of software in use.

So if you are either planning on using the WordPress platform for your website or an existing user, you must definitely invest in a web hosting service, designed for this platform. If your concern is the financial budget being low for such investments, then do not worry as it is extremely affordable. We will also check out the possible free WordPress hosting solutions.

Now that we have understood the uses of web hosting services, let us ponder upon which of the providers are the best as there are hundreds of thousands of web hosts available which meet all the minimum requirements of WordPress. 

Choosing one from the crowd is definitely time-consuming and confusing as well, so this WordPress hosting review will help in deciding upon the host that suits best for your goals and budget.

This is an important step as just like any other business, WordPress websites need a boost and the right environment to develop which is possible by using one of the best WordPress hosting environments. 

Free Web Hosting Services

If you are interested in launching a self-hosted website using WordPress but want to explore before getting into the premium web hosting services then one can check out a free WordPress hosting service to get a better understanding.

However, these free hosting services will not match the performance, quality, and flexibility of a premium paid service but they will help you to set up a fully functional WordPress site for free. This WordPress web hosting review will discuss a few such options and in the end, if you find your best choice to be free then it will be perfect!


Kinsta is one of the best WordPress hosting solutions which is a game-changer when it comes to high-performance at a premium. Along with performance, it supports security-managed WordPress hosting. 

This premium managed WordPress hosting solution uses Google’s Cloud platform in order to host your WordPress website. Its performance is very impressive as it provides features such as website staging & cloning, regular backups, etc and it has a global delivery network of KeyCDN. It is a package comprising speed, full support, and security.

Some of the must-know features offered by Kinsta are:

  • One can explore this service without any hesitation as if not satisfied then it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Supported by Google Cloud Platform, which is the solution that Google uses.
  • It provides a fast and secure server stack – PHP 7.4, HTTP/2, NGINX, MariaDB.
  • It provides free-backups, server caching, etc hence one does not need separate caching plugins.
  • One can enjoy unlimited free site migrations from Flywheel, WP Engine, LCoudways, DreamHost, Pantheon, etc.
  • The DDoS detection, hardware firewalls, etc create a WordPress-centric security boundary.

Hence, on the whole, Kinsta is a solution for those in search of speed, and stability in terms of web hosting functioning without compromising on security aspects. is not the open-sourced WordPress software ( which it is usually confused. This solution is free and it simplifies the process of creating a WordPress website. One can simply launch the website by creating a account but it will not provide full access to the software hence, one can enjoy limited features of WordPress.

This solution is a great option for beginners or non-technical users who need not know the steps to install their own plugins and themes. Freelancers, newcomers, etc. can simply use this as a place to publish their content portfolios to attract clients.’s simplicity attracts both creators as well as clients looking out for samples of write-ups.

Features of are:

  • It is one of the best web hosting solutions for beginners as it is user-friendly, easy to use, and has simple setup processes.
  • comes in with a customizable dashboard.
  • It supports unlimited bandwidth.
  • It provides up to 3GB of storage of content or data.

However, if you are a technical user, then this isn’t the right solution for you as you cannot get server access and this version allows limited WordPress features hence lacking any flexibility.


Bluehost is a web hosting service powering more than 2 million websites globally. It is an industry leader when it comes to the web hosting business, especially for websites using WordPress. It is one among the few options recommended officially by WordPress itself!

This is a great solution for those looking to build a new website from scratch, and that too all under a single click. Once the user signs up for web hosting services, they can enjoy a free domain name for an entire year followed by the premium cost. Instead of separately looking and registering up for a domain, downloading WordPress, etc. this solution gets everything done in a single step.

In this WordPress hosting review article, we have discussed various solutions which either are available for free or for a reasonable premium. I hope this was useful in finding the right web hosting solution for your website.

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