Is Technology Diminishing The Wonders Of Face To Face Teaching?





With the advent of the pandemic, our life is not the same anymore. The new normal has not only changed our way of living but also changed the way of our education. We are no longer getting face to face teaching experience. Everything has changed within the blink of an eye with online teaching incorporated with new technologies. Teachers are taking to video conferencing and online recordings to provide online education for students. But, has online education ever replaced real-time education? Some people are liking the online mode of teaching while others are rejecting it based on low-level interactions between teachers and students. In this dichotomy of opinions, which is your group? Dive into here to analyze your standpoint on this issue. 

The Wonders of Face to Face Teaching

Face to face teaching is always thought to be the best teaching method for various reasons. The classrooms always opened a window of opportunities to the students. Students got a chance to express themselves in the interactive environment where they learnt to understand many perspectives. They got to live with other students who had different personalities and the conflicted opinions prepared them for the real world. With the fewer interventions and interferences, students were able to grasp their subjects with ease and also teachers were physically present to guide struggling students. Physical schools are not just for education, they mould and harden the spirits of students in terms of resilience, responsibility, punctuality, self-esteem, self-discipline, confidence, sportsmanship, problem-solving, team playing and courteousness. 

On the other hand, teachers got a chance to connect with students and form life-long relationships with them. They became a guiding light in the lives of students who didn’t have a supportive and accepting family. With their expertise in understanding the psychology of students, they were able to see the uniqueness in different students and bring the best out of everyone. The coaches in the sports made students realize the temporary failures and setbacks. Good teachers provided real-world examples for students whenever they presented the lessons and this made students develop a clear perspective about world affairs. 

Changing Teaching Techniques 

Technology has revolutionized the various spheres of our life and undoubtedly, it has made a strong imprint in educational systems. It has mimicked real-world education in the screens of our tabs and laptops. It created a split-second shift to the world of video conferences and meeting schedules. Not just in teaching, the roots of technology have penetrated the examination halls too. We are having online exams now wherein our camera monitors our examination ethics. 

Online teaching technologies have changed a lot in the course of the pandemic and some of the sophisticated technologies are discussed below:

1. Virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms have projected real-world classrooms into the virtual world. The virtual classrooms are packed with facilities like a whiteboard, team building, solo studying and presentation tools. New technology like cloud computing systems made video streaming and storage effortless in different devices. 

2. Virtual reality 

Virtual reality aims to create a realistic virtual experience for students to get their attention and interest. It simulates the real world and creates an immersive learning experience for students. It is one of the most powerful tools used in advanced online teaching methods. 

3. Augmented reality 

Augmented reality gives a chance to students to dive deep into the world of education. It manipulates the environment of students and makes them truly focus on the subjects. Both VR and AR have become a reality today due to the emerging fast network connections. 

4. Internet of Things

Data is our new money and the power lies in how we have recombined it with the traditional teaching methods. With the aid of IoT, we have increased the efficiency and speed of learning. 

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become a game-changer in online education by providing the chance of a self-paced learning experience for students. It helps in the thorough understanding of the students and also increases the potential of one-on-one teaching. 

Can Technology Replace Face to Face Teaching?

There are numerous hurdles we need to counter if I drop the option of face to the face teaching method. India is still a developing country and many parts of India are still digitally illiterate. Many families around India have quit their education owing to the unavailability of smartphones and laptops. This digital divide has deepened the inequalities existing already in this society. This sudden shift to technology-based education has affected girls' education on a larger scale. Many parents of girls were willing to send them off to schools due to the various government schemes and midday meals system. In this critical transition of the teaching method, parents were hesitant to invest in software and hardware for educational purposes.

Other than the digital difference, we need to recognize the psychological overload faced by both students and teachers. Teachers are so accustomed to presenting lessons in the real-time classroom and seniors are finding it so difficult to handle the new technologies. On the other hand, students find it hard to concentrate on following the teachers digitally. Some students are requiring on-face teaching and special attention from the teachers for scoring good marks. Also, the internet connectivity issues and money needed for data packs are unrecognized roadblocks in the journey of technology-based teaching. 

From examining the viewpoints from two different perspectives, what would you opt for? Face to face teaching or online teaching? From our point of view, we think that online learning can be complementary to traditional teaching. Hybrid learning can prepare students for greater heights as it can blend both technology and teachers for sculpting future generations. One teaching method cannot be a substitute for another method as both of them have their share of benefits.  Let us know your outlook on online teaching from the comments section. 

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