Windows 10 Home Vs Pro: Which Windows 10 Edition Is Better?





Since the establishment of Microsoft, it has released various versions of its operating system. Windows 10 which is the successor of Windows 8 is at present widely used around the world. Microsoft releases Windows 10 in mainly two versions: Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. There are two more variants of windows 10 called windows 10 student and windows 10 enterprise. However, there is a lot of talk about windows 10 home vs pro features. Some users believe windows 10 home is better, while others are opting for windows 10 pro. In case you are planning to get the operating system of Microsoft and are confused between the variants of Windows 10. Then do not worry. This article will explain to you the difference between windows 10 home & pro. Now, let’s take a look at windows 10 home vs pro.

Windows 10 Home vs Windows 10 Pro

The first question that might come to your mind is what’s the main difference between windows 10 home & pro and where are they used? Well… windows 10 home is best used if you are looking for an operating system just for your personal laptop or computer. Windows 10 home will take care of all the needs and necessities of your computer and give you an excellent user experience. In case you are looking for an operating system that will help you manage a small group of computers together then all you need is windows 10 pro. Other than this windows 10 pro comes up with some additional features than windows 10 home.

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What does windows 10 home have to provide you?

Windows 10 Home comes with a lot of new features in it when compared to windows 8. It is the basic variant of Windows 10. It comes with features such as revamped Start Menu, a full-fledged version of Microsoft’s Cortana, the digital voice assistant, etc. Few of these features were installed or removed by Microsoft in their previous version and few of them were exclusively available only on a particular variant.

Other than these, you also get features like Battery Saver and TPM support. Home edition might even contain new biometric security features called Windows Hello which lets you use facial recognition and fingerprint sign-in options. However, this biometric feature depends upon your system also. Your system needs to have a compatible camera for facial recognition and a compatible fingerprint scanner to access its Windows Hello Fingerprint.

Battery saver features

The battery saver features make your system more power efficient. During the battery saver mode, it limits the background activity on the device. You can even manually change when you want to turn on the battery saver feature in your system. A TPM support usually refers to the microchip that offers additional security functions to your computer. Many high-tech manufacturers install the TPM microchip on their devices’ motherboards. Windows 10 home edition will also provide these security functions and support them.

Microsoft’s Home edition will even enable the Virtual Desktops options and Snap Assist feature. You can utilize this feature with up to four apps on one screen. This variant of windows 10 also comes with a flagship feature that allows you to quickly switch from desktop mode to tablet mode and it comes with an in-built Microsoft edge browser. However, you can change the default browser setting to any other browser that you would like to use like chrome or Firefox, or UC Browser. 

Windows 10 Home edition also keeps updating its operating system and gives regular updates to enhance the user experience. This variant does not only give the best user experience but is also easy to use. It provides a few more features and services along with the ones that have been mentioned at a reasonable price. If you compare windows 10 home vs pro, then windows 10 home is more economical. However, if you want more high-level protection or if your work edition requires features like support for side-loading of business apps, then you can opt for windows pro.

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What does Windows 10 Pro have to provide you?

The windows 10 pro provides all the features that come with the home edition. In addition to that, it also offers distinguished and advanced connectivity and privacy tools. A few of these tools include Domain Join, Group Policy Management, Bitlocker, Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer, Remote Desktop, Enterprise state roaming with Azure Active Directory, CLient Hyper-V, and many more. One of the features that come with it is Assigned Access 8.1. This feature allows you to lock user accounts and prevent them from accessing specific apps. It could be a great feature if you are running a small office and want to make sure the network you provide is being used only for the company’s purpose. 

On the other hand, the Bitlocker feature is one of the most powerful disk-encryption tools available on Windows. This feature allows you to encrypt your external USB-drives. The Client Hyper-V is a built-in virtualization solution in your Windows itself. Moreover, the windows 10 pro edition comes with a Business Store for your windows 10. The Azure Active Directory facilitates the connectivity of the systems. However, all these features do cost you a fortune. Even though the home edition is cheaper but if you want these advanced features then you don’t have to hesitate to get windows pro. 

Windows 10 Student and Enterprise

Windows 10 student and enterprise editions have their own additional features that you might not get in home and pro editions. Windows 10 enterprise is to meet the demands of medium and large-sized organizations. It has more advanced features but the company only sells this through volume licensing. On the other hand, Windows 10 Student is designed for school students and teachers. This edition includes a lot of Enterprise edition’s features. And just like the Enterprise edition, this can be only accessed through volume licensing.

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Final words

Knowing what you need from your operating system might help in your decision between windows 10 home vs pro. If your work requires you to connect a windows domain then you might want to go for windows 10 pro edition. If it is just for a small business or personal use you can choose the home edition. We would even like to suggest you go through windows 10 other variants as well; windows 10 student and windows 10 enterprise.

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