Here's Why You Need PDF Form Filler: Bye-bye Messy Writing!





There are plenty of things that can be easily achieved with the help of the internet. However, most of them these days involves filling in forms. It is a common procedure while signing up or registering for something to fill up forms. While filling these you are asked to provide some basic information about yourself such as name, email id, gender, and sometimes even to generate or give a password.

Nowadays, many forms are downloaded in PDF format. And if you would have tried editing, then you must know it’s nearly impossible. And not always one can run to a shop to get printouts as well. Not every software supports editing PDF forms. For this purpose, you will require a PDF form filler. 

You will get plenty of form fillers online that can support various web browsers. Such as firefox form filler, chrome form filler, etc. In this article, we will explain to you what is a form filler? How to use a PDF form filler? And how can you protect passwords?

What is a Form Filler?

Even though technology has been advancing day by day, I still prefer the traditional way of doing it. In case you haven’t used a form filler before and don’t know what a pdf form filler is? Then don’t worry. A form filler is a software that can automatically fill forms in a UI. These form fillers can be a part of larger programs like a password manager or web browser like firefox form filler, safari form filler, etc.

Can PDF be Converted to a Form Filler?

Below, we have mentioned ways by which you can convert pdf to a form filler.

1. Using Adobe Acrobat

You can use adobe acrobat to convert your pdf into fillable forms.

  • Open the PDF on the Adobe Acrobat

Select and open Adobe Acrobat. Then go to the Tools Pane – Prepare Form – Open. Now choose the pdf file that you would like to convert and click on “Start”.

  • Converting the PDF into a Fillable Form

After step 1, Acrobat can automatically detect and create form fields. The automatic detection and creation will happen only if your file contains tables.

  • Create Fillable Form

If you want to create custom fields, then you can add Text Field, Button, Check Box, etc. To create forms from a blank document. Click on Tools – Prepare Form – Open – Start.

2. Using PDF Form Filler Online

For this we can take the example of PDF filler, to convert PDF to a fillable form online for free.

  • Open the Website

Open the website and search for the option “Browse your Documents” and select it.

  • Upload the PDF File

After step 1, you will be directed to choose the PDF file that you want to convert. Then wait for it to load.

  • Create the Form

Once the file has loaded, select the DONE option on the top-right section. Now you will be able to see plenty of editing features that you can use to fill your pdf document. Edit your file accordingly and save it.

Best Form Filler App

Here are the best form filler app:

1. PDFelement Pro for Mac

PDFelement Pro is the perfect form filler app that can provide you everything you need to edit PDF forms. You can use it to edit and add text, notes, images, links, and more. You can even convert a PDF form to a word processor. You can even merge and split your PDF files and protect them with passwords.


  • This software can support PDF files of any size.
  • You can easily fill out and create PDF forms within a few minutes.


  • The free trial version of this app will put a watermark on edited PDFs.

2. PDF Form Filler

PDF Form Filler is another great form filler app for Mac OS. You can easily fill in PDF forms using this software. For downloading this software you don’t have to print documents or manually note down any details.


  • It has a clear and simple interface that saves plenty of time.
  • You can even send the edited PDF form via email attachment or print it out by clicking on the “Print” button.


  • You get only three tools in the software to fill the PDF form.

3. PDFelement Pro For Windows 

PDFelement Pro is a great app not only for Mac OS but also for Windows OS. This software not only allows you to edit and create forms but also to convert them into other file formats. The OCR technology equipped in the PDFelement Pro turns scanned PDF files into a format that is editable easily. These files can be even searched easily. The PDF filler offers a simple, user-friendly interface that anyone can use. 


  • You can fill out any PDF file; both interactive and non-interactive pdf format easily.
  • You can create pdf forms using the free pdf form templates.
  • You can sign your pdf files and documents digitally using this software. And even protect them with passwords.

4. CutePDF Editor for Windows

This software integrates into windows OS and acts as a virtual printer. It performs flawlessly and offers multiple features to create your pdf forms. This pdf form filler will not heat or stress your system as its software is very light.


  • You can add passwords and set security options for protecting your valuable documents.


  • It does not have advanced features to create PDF forms.

How to Protect your Passwords With This Management System and Form Filler?

Nowadays every website you sign onto requires a password. And you cannot just make any easy password and sign in. You need to make a complicated password for security reasons. But there is a way using which you do not have to remember each password that you create.

You can automatically save and secure and fill in all of your passwords across the web easily using the Sticky Password. You can protect your passwords with this management system and form filler. You can fill out online forms instantly with all the information saved by the Sticky Password software. 

PCMag has elected this software in their Editors’ Choice. The premium version of this PDF form filler even has biometric authentication and no-cloud wifi sync.

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