How To Make WhatsApp Voice And Video Calling From Desktop Version?





Being the most used application, WhatsApp has improved and modified itself many times. Be it the WhatsApp cart or the new WhatsApp voice and video calling for desktop. Now even business accounts can operate and perform their business on WhatsApp and their customers have the facility to add their desired products to their WhatsApp cart. The introduction of WhatsApp cart for taking orders and making payment through the UPI code without the involvement of any other digital wallet. 

Now the new feature that is rolled out recently is the WhatsApp voice and video calling for desktop, released this Thursday. Initially, WhatsApp supported a one-to-one voice calling feature on windows and MacBook desktops but we hope that it expands its feature which will also support group video calls and voice calls on desktop.

This availability of WhatsApp voice and video calling on the desktop has taken a major turn in the history of WhatsApp as it has made many things easier for most of us. It can be said that it is the most awaited thing yet was not anticipated until this moment. This has come as a big relief to those who spent most of their daytime in front of laptops and computers.

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As WhatsApp calling comes to the desktop, people are becoming antsy to know more about it and how it will be used in the future. The WhatsApp voice and video calling for desktop are claimed to be end-to-end encrypted as revealed by WhatsApp after months of development. Now let us get on to some of the basic and extremely important details to know more about this new feature.

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Basic Requirements Needed To Make WhatsApp Voice And Video Call On Desktop

As WhatsApp calling comes to desktop, here are some of the requirements that you must keep in mind before you use it on your desktop:

  • You need to have a WhatsApp account and must be using it on the phone, too. Secondly, you have to install the WhatsApp app for the web on their computers and desktop.
  • One must have an active internet connection to operate it on your computer or desktop.
  • A microphone attached to the desktop is a must or any audio output device to make use of the WhatsApp voice and video call feature on WhatsApp. Nowadays, every laptop or desktop has an in-built speaker attached to it, so you do not need to worry about it if you do not have an old version.
  • Also, make sure about the computer’s webcam and microphone depending on which type of call you want to do: video or voice call.

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How To Make WhatsApp Calls On The Desktop?

Now as WhatsApp calling comes to the desktop, one has to learn about the feature to make use of it fully. Let us learn with these quick steps:

  1. Install WhatsApp on your desktop.
  2. Open the individual WhatsApp chat or any group chat where you want to make a voice or video call.
  3. On the upper extreme right side, beside the head name, will appear WhatsApp’s video and voice call icon.
  4. Click on either of the icons according to what type of call you want to make. The process is almost entirely similar to the one in mobile devices. After this, your call is placed and all you need to do is wait for the call receiver to pick up your call.

The WhatsApp voice and video calling feature are not new for mobile users as it was already presented in both the android and iOS versions. What is new is that the voice and video calling feature was not available on the desktop earlier.

This made it difficult for people who used phones less and constantly sat in front of laptops and desktops missed these features provided and available on mobile devices. This launch has made the feature available to desktop users and has made voice and video calls on WhatsApp a ubiquitous feature.

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Final Words

The only missing feature is that WhatsApp is still missing on its availability group voice and video calls on desktop and supports only one-to-one calling. Even though WhatsApp has not given any official statement regarding the launch of group voice and video calls but rumors are there that it would be expanding its features on the desktop in the future.

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In the light of recent events that happened regarding the WhatsApp privacy policy, one must be wary of sharing information on WhatsApp. If not everything, one must avoid sharing personal information no matter how trivial it seems. 

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