Whatsapp Introduces Voice And Video Call Features On Web: All That You Need To Know





Whatsapp Web is an online site on your computer to use your Whatsapp account. You can speak to people on Whatsapp instead of on your phone on your computer.

Whatsapp Web is a mobile platform extension for Whatsapp. Whatsapp must also be enabled on your phone before you can access the Whatsapp site. You log in to check a QR code on your computer with your phone. This syncs your contacts and messages, actually representing Whatsapp, to make what you are doing on your phone on the Whatsapp web, and vice-versa.

How do we use WhatsApp web?

Whatsapp web can be used for three ways: Whatsapp web websites, the Whatsapp web-based desktop program, and the Opera browser as an integrated feature. Here are instructions to start:

On the WhatsApp web website

  1. Go to the website of Whatsapp web i.e.
  2. On your phone, open WhatsApp
  3. Tap the icon with three dots on top-right corner and choose WhatsApp web
  4. Display your phone for the website WhatsApp web QR code

With the WhatsApp desktop app for Windows or Mac

  1. Download and run a desktop program for the WhatsApp web
  2. On your phone open Whatsapp
  3. Tap the icon with three dots and choose WhatsApp web
  4. Check your phone for the QR code of the desktop program

With the Opera browser’s integrated WhatsApp feature

  1. Enable your browser with opera
  2. On the sidebar of the Opera browser, press the WhatsApp button
  3. On your phone open WhatsApp
  4. Tap the icon with three dots and choose WhatsApp web
  5. Check the QR code for your phone in the Opera WhatsApp row

Whatsapp introduces voice and video call features

In India where its new privacy rules caused some controversy. Whatsapp is currently having trouble retaining its users. The latest WhatsApp policy has a ton of misinformation and how it needs to read out our private conversation to give us advertising. Whatsapp wanted to announce a few new features, well in the middling controversy. Users of Whatsapp will also use video and web calling features. Now, the feature is slowly rolling out to all users too fast.

Many people posted the latest feature screenshots, but we don’t watch it happen to us live. If you look at the photographs, you can see the beta-played voice and video calls keys. Wabetainfo, the famous WhatsApp data source, confirmed the same, saying that in more countries the functionality is now rolled out.

The role may not be available to all as this is still in beta. You must be a member of the test program of WhatsApp. Still, because of the restriction, you may or may not get the functionality.

“Whatsapp makes beta calls for real users, but it’s available for very few. Sadly, as the beta feature. We hope that you are satisfied, but don’t worry if it doesn’t. Many users receive this activation every day, and WhatsApp Desktop has a higher priority at the moment”, read Wabetainfo.

We do not know how the functionality functions, but if the reports are anything to do, any time a call is received or you attempt to call via the WhatsApp web. It looks like a new window is opened. This unique feature was first stated to be under development in October 2020 and is finally on the verge of being launched. Whatsapp is not yet officially announcing the feature, so it will be a while for everyone.

And as we speak about new features, the kit looks as if Whatsapp plans to add a “Read Later” feature. You can mark chats with “Read Later” an updated version of the archived chat, and the incoming chat messages will be silenced.

What are the advantages of the WhatsApp web?

The key benefits of using the WhatsApp web desktop use instead of mobile use. Such basic examples are as follows:

  1. With your keyboard, you can type faster.
  2. You can see It more clearly on a large screen.
  3. Whatsapp lets you chat more quickly during browsing in the opera browser.
  4. The photos, texts, and files can be easily cut and pasted on Whatsapp web.
  5. You don’t have to constantly track your phone.
  6. It’s helpful in the workplace or where your phone can’t be used.
  7. You don’t need your phone, as it is charging, or in another room.
  8. The WhatsApp web and other activities on your computer are easily modified.
  9. You can pin WhatsApp on your screen, so whilst you do other things in your browser it is still available.
  10. Messages are scrolling quicker.
  11. By holding the application in the background, you can read messages without being marked as read.

What are the disadvantages of WhatsApp web?

  1. If you do not have an active internet link to your mobile, the WhatsApp web will disconnect.
  2. The WhatsApp web won’t work while your mobile is off.
  3. If you have access to your mobile, anyone can use your personal Whatsapp account. So your phone must be secured.


In addition, WhatsApp is embarking on a project later read feature, whose traces have been seen many times during beta updates. WhatsApp develops the Read Later functionality, which is an upgraded archived chats version, according to Wabetainfo. It’s show time right now and let’s wait and watch, what’s coming ahead in this tricky WhatsApp community.

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