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With online shopping becoming the new norm, many social media apps established a business space in their apps for their users to elevate their shopping experience. WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most used free messaging apps around the world. It has earned its name for being extensively user-friendly.

Ever since Facebook has owned WhatsApp, it has gone through several updates and new features to enhance itself amongst the users. Back in 2020, when the online businesses were sky-scraping, this Facebook-owned platform announced a new feature in it called WhatsApp Cart. The WhatsApp Cart feature is added as an extension to the previously introduced Shopping button and business catalogues.

About New WhatsApp Cart Feature

The WhatsApp cart feature lets the users enjoy an easy shopping experience. The platform is providing merchants with free storage to host their business’s messages. WhatsApp cart also enables users to browse a catalogue provided by the merchant, select multiple products, and then share it with the seller to place the order directly through the app. This feature has made it easier for merchants to keep track of the order inquiries, manage requests from customers, and complete sales.

The new WhatsApp cart feature works quite similarly to the traditional online market. This feature was released just a few days after the “Shopping button” was added to WhatsApp Messenger in both Android and iOS. The business or merchants must have a WhatsApp Business Account to use this app for their online business. The app shows a storefront symbol just beside the name of the business accounts, making it convenient for users to browse through the catalogue posted by the business. 

Unlike before, where users could only select a single product from a business’s catalogue, the new option allows the users to select multiple products and list them under a single order. Through this, WhatsApp has made it easier for business accounts to manage orders. Moreover, the WhatsApp cart feature even allows the buyers to directly message the seller and ask about anything related to the product. This enhances the user experience even more making it much simpler and easier to place an order online.

Much like any e-commerce shopping platform, users are allowed the option to add or remove one or more items from the carts on WhatsApp. After viewing various products from the catalogue, buyers can place the order with just a tap. Once the products are added to the WhatsApp cart, they can be shared as a single message with the seller. Payment for the business can now be done easily via WhatsApp payment.

How To Use The WhatsApp Cart Feature For Placing Orders?

Want to use your WhatsApp cart to place orders but don’t know how to do it? Then don’t worry, this article will guide you on how to place orders using the WhatsApp Cart. You can use the WhatsApp Cart feature either on your WhatsApp mobile app or on WhatsApp Web. The steps for placing orders on both platforms are quite similar.

Below, a detailed guide on how to place an order using WhatsApp is provided.

Adding products to your Cart on WhatsApp 

  1. Open your WhatsApp on your Android or iOS smartphone or WhatsApp web.
  2. After opening the app, go to your chat or to the business profile of the business from which you would like to place an order.
  3. Now, you can see a shopping button icon listed next to their name. Tap on it to access their catalogue.
  4. Once the catalogue opens, you can browse through the various products the seller has provided.
  5. After searching, tap on the product you would like to place an order for.
  6. Click on the “Add to Cart” button, to add the products to your carts on WhatsApp.
  7. In case, you want to ask a specific question about the product, you can click on the “Message Business” button.

Editing your WhatsApp cart

  1. Click on the “View Cart” to go through all the products that are added to your cart.
  2. If you wish to go back and navigate the catalogue further, to continue adding more products you can click on the “Add More” button.
  3. In your cart, you can also edit the quantity for each product added to your cart.

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Placing your order

  1. Once you have successfully updated and finalized your cart, you can send it to the seller as a WhatsApp message.

Note: You can even edit the message before sending your WhatsApp cart to the seller.

  1. After placing your order, the order will be confirmed by the seller.
  2. After sending it, you will be able to see the details of your order by tapping on the “View Sent Cart” button.

If you would like to know the details about multiple items listed in a business catalogue, you can add all the items to your cart and send your inquiry in a single message. An order is not finalized until it is confirmed by the seller.

How To Report A Catalog Or Business?

With the increase in technology and various features being updated to the online business platform, the risk of getting swindled by them also increases. However, WhatsApp has updated a complaint section to tackle such issues. In case you notice any business account violating the app’s commerce policy, you can log a complaint to WhatsApp. WhatsApp takes serious actions against any business account that violates its commerce policy. Here’s how you complain about a report against a business or a product from your WhatsApp cart.

  1. Open WhatsApp Business profile.
  2. To report a business, tab report business. And you choose any of the two options, either to block and report the business or to simply report it.
  3. If you want to block and report then, check the box next to block contact then tap on “Report” and to just report then, click on “Report”.
  4. To report a service, open the chat with the business.
  5. Tap the business name and then tap “See All”, which is located next to Catalog.
  6. Now, tab on a product or service then clicks on the “More options”.
  7. Click on “Report”. You will be given two options, to file a report and to provide more details. The former can be done by simply tapping on the “Report” and the latter can be done by tapping “Tell Us More”, then you can select an option and tap “Submit”.

Even after having a strict commerce policy, few business profiles make use of this platform. Therefore, we suggest you check whether the dealings are fair or not before confirming them.

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