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When everything has turned online, how can WhatsApp sit back and watch idly? It would be surprising to know that even WhatsApp has introduced the feature of online shopping. Many websites and online stores on social media applications like Instagram and Facebook also have turned to WhatsApp for resolving customer queries and placing orders. The new WhatsApp

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What Is A WhatsApp Cart For Placing Orders?

WhatsApp has introduced the new ‘cart’ option on its application recently for shopping online on the platform which is a WhatsApp cart for placing orders. This ‘Add to cart’ option on WhatsApp allows the users to browse through the store’s catalogue and add their selected items in one bag called the online cart on WhatsApp.

The user can add multiple different items from the same seller or the same store. This new feature was included recently after the introduction of the shopping button was introduced on the app. Now the users of WhatsApp can go through the catalogue to different merchants on WhatsApp. The new shopping button on the application is placed by replacing the voice note button on the chat screen of WhatsApp. 

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The WhatsApp business accounts have a storefront symbol next to their contact name saved on the user’s respective mobiles on the green bar above when you open the chats. Moreover, the WhatsApp cart option and WhatsApp shopping are quiet and almost entirely similar to the normal online shopping carts and website beside WhatsApp. Users also have the advantage of removing the already added items on WhatsApp and even adding new ones. The entire procedure is pretty much like any other online shopping portal.

Is the WhatsApp cart feature beneficial? 

Yes, it has turned out to be extremely important not only for the business owners but also for the customers/users of WhatsApp. Business owners on WhatsApp now have the ease to create a neatly classified catalogue of all their products for their customers, and customers too can view their products for sale without any hassle.  The cherry on the top, the customers can select and put their items that they wish to buy in the WhatsApp cart for placing orders.

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How To Use WhatsApp Cart For Placing Orders?

To avail of this feature, one must be able to use the WhatsApp cart feature as it is designed for seamless shopping. Let us quickly look over the short guide on how to use the WhatsApp cart for placing orders:

  1. Open your WhatsApp and the chats of any business account you wish to place the order with.
  2. Go through the catalogue provided by them and look for the items that you intend to buy.  This is the first step towards engaging with any business account. The catalogue is present on the right side at the top, close to the name head on the green bar.
  3. Now when you are sure about buying a particular product, tap on the ‘Add to Cart’ option and it is put separately in your cart.
  4. Once added the particular item to the WhatsApp cart, if you wish, you can return it to the catalogue to resume your browsing. You can add more items if you want to, else go back to the WhatsApp cart for placing an order.
  5. After you are done with everything, you can place the order on WhatsApp for all your finalized products.

Now all you have to do is to wait for the seller’s confirmation to confirm your order. 

Final Words

This new feature of WhatsApp of using WhatsApp cart for placing orders is available all over the world. For the business owners, if you don’t see a cart feature on your business account, it is probably because you have not yet added a catalogue to display your products to the customers. Once you upload the catalogue to your business account, you will be able to see the add to cart option on your WhatsApp business account. 

WhatsApp also has added the payment service via UPI for the business owners, hence one does not need any digital wallet for payment. This is done again to provide ease to both customers and business owners. The payments are made directly from one bank account to another bank account without any hassle. 

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In the end, all the customers must keep in mind the veracity of the business store and their privacy policies. Many business owners cheat on their customers because the WhatsApp business has no complaint section. Hence, one must always look for the reviews and confirm the dealings are fair before placing an order.

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