What Exactly Is A Productivity Tool & 5 Tools To Get Extra Productive





As the pace of work is constantly increasing it is hard to manage all things simultaneously. To manage all these things with ease, productivity tools are the best option. After the pandemic, everyone shifted to remote work productivity tools are the best companion in this hard time to manage all the work. The productivity tool helps to manage distractions, improvement in project management, and increase collaboration. By using these tools you can bring all your team on one platform and can do effective work together. In this blog, we have mentioned the best productivity tools that will help you to ease various aspects of work and mentioned in detail what is a productivity tool. You can go through it to know all the details about productivity tools. 

What is a Productivity Tool?

The basic meaning of productivity is doing something efficient in less time or getting benefited by the work done in less time. Productivity tool definition is a type of tool that will help to get work done with efficiency in less time. There are various productivity tools to which we can divide by their use. Working online will lead to many types of distractions that are where productivity tools come in. These tools can save time and streamline your work process. Many software productivity tools are available that will help to assist and efficiently organize work. 

But it doesn't mean that the productivity tool will simply ease your work it depends on your use how you use them with little effort you can find out the list of productivity tools that can help you in tracking your time and management of your projects but before using these tools you must assess what is the work culture of your organization and what is the meaning of productivity according to that environment and how you can achieve it because most of the time it happens that people stop using of productivity tools because they are not getting the desired outcome from it. That is why understanding all aspects is necessary. 

Best Productivity Tools to Use

Here we have listed the best productivity tools that can help you to complete your work efficiently. You can use this list of productivity tools individually or for groups also to gain work efficiency. 

1. Cisco Webex 

Cisco Webex productivity tool comes up with exciting features as you can start, schedule, or join webex meetings at your convenience. Cisco Webex productivity tool is constantly growing and getting good reviews from its users. You can set your conference, high definition video streaming, annotation tools, chat options, various meeting options, and provide security. You can use this tool across various systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.

2. Shift

Shift productivity tool is an app that will streamline your account, work, and apps. While working you have to do multiple tasks by logging in and out will consume your time and you will be hindered. The shift gives you the service of merging all the tools in one platform. You can add all Gmail accounts, your apps, and tools that you need frequently while working to the shift. It will provide you with exciting features as it works across all platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS. It manages all accounts in a single place. The shift productivity tool will be very helpful while working and will help you to save time. 

3. Infinity 

While working on any project one of the most important things is that being on the same table that you can't do physically but infinity provides you with the facility to be on the same. It is software that will help you to keep all project-related things on a single platform and your whole team can get access. It will come up with features like management of tasks, tracking of time, collaboration with the team. This software can handle single-handedly all your project-related tasks. You can customize your workflow according to your needs. 

4. Pumble

This app will mostly be helpful for people who are working remotely. It will help to manage and collaborate with your team. By using this platform you can create various channels and can engage the relevant person with that channel so indirectly it will help you to bring your whole team to a single platform despite working remotely. If you are working on something important then this app can manage your notifications so that you can perform your work effectively. The very best feature of this platform is that it allows an unlimited number of users and can be used with any system such as windows, Linux, macOS, Android, ios, etc. 

5. Right Inbox

Sometimes it is so hard to manage a huge pile of emails. But you don't have to worry about it because for this work there is a productivity tool that will manage all your emails. By using this platform you can manage your emails like you keep important emails and deadlines on the top so that you won't miss them. This productivity tool also has an amazing feature that is you can keep track of your emails like you can know who opens your mails this will help you to keep a check and another is repetitive emails can add to email templates. Right inbox manages all work related to emails and eases your work.

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Productivity tools help you to streamline your work and organize it in an efficient manner. Whatever your profession will be using productivity tools to increase the pace of your work is the need of the hour. Mostly we think that we can manage it all by ourselves but it is hard to be consistent. In any work doing anything promptly and with efficiency creates a good image that is why using productivity tools to maximize work in less time is necessary. As technology is growing day by day and productivity tools are constantly increasing their features to help in a better way.

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