Watch Party Feature On Amazon Prime Video That Will Create A Co-Viewing Experience Like Never Before





How can you enjoy a movie with your friends laughing hysterically together when we all are still in confinement and it has been a year almost. If we can’t change a situation, we can always adapt to the new environment to enjoy our lives and free moments during this time. And if you are still wondering about how we can do it, then amazon has come to save all of us with the watch party feature on amazon prime video.

What Is An Amazon Prime Video Watch Party?

The watch party feature on amazon prime video was released in India last year in December. This feature allows multiple people in the amazon prime video to stream their favorite show and watch them together in sync. The only condition laid is that each one of them must have their separate amazon prime video accounts to be able to avail of this feature in their respective devices.

The watch party feature on amazon prime video was first rolled out in the US and is now expanded to Indian users too. All you need to watch a movie together is to create and share a link with your friends and watch the movie together from the comfort of your home. This also saves a lot of time as you do not have to physically go to your friends’ place and thereby end up saving your time and money too.

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The feature also allows the synchronized playback of the content being played with an option of chatting. Yes, you can chat together with the chat option present in the sidebar while watching the same movie and share your thoughts on it. If you are a student of cinema, then this is the golden opportunity for you to watch a movie with your colleagues, friends or teachers. 

Now you all must be wondering about what OS supports this watch party feature on amazon prime video and we are sorry to give you a piece of bad news. This feature is neither supported in android devices and nor in iOS devices. It runs on the Fire TV stick, internet explorer and the safari browser. So using this feature on your mobile devices might be available but the best option is to do the amazon prime video watch party via your desktop or your laptop. 

Details About The Watch Party On Amazon Video 

Now one must be wondering about the number of participants that Amazon has set a limit to and the charges if there are any. Let us resolve the following queries too so that you prepare yourself to host the amazon video watch party. 

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Amazon has set the limit to a maximum of 100 members in one watch party session on amazon prime video. As for the subscription fees, Amazon does not charge any extra fees at all for the watch party feature on Amazon prime video. Hence, if you wish to use it, you need to have a subscription to Amazon Prime membership in India, the cost of which starts from INR 129 per month to INR 999 per year. As one can see that it comes at a very low cost and has an affordable rate for almost everyone, therefore the cost does not pose as a barrier. 

How To Use the Watch Party Feature On Amazon Prime Video?

If you are meeting all the requirements that are mentioned above, then you must be getting antsy to get on to the quick to help you with the steps. Without further delay, let us learn about how to use the watch party feature on amazon prime video. 

Before we move on, let us remind you again that the feature works best on browsers so you must just pick up your personal computers and laptops. Now, let’s go!

  1. Open the amazon prime video on your desktop devices on either safari or internet explorer.
  2. Log in if you already have an account and if not, then sign up and pay the membership fees.
  3. Call up your friends and decide on a show you want to watch together and have them open the websites as well.
  4. Now on the search bar that appears at the top of the page, you will find a watch party option. Tap on it. On the other hand, there will be individual episodes listed out, if you have chosen a TV series.

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  1. You will have the option to make a chat name before you start watching it as you will be able to chat with your friends throughout the show.
  2. Once you give a title to your chat group on the watch party, it will show you the option of ‘Create Watch Party.’
  3. Here comes the option of sharing the link with 100 friends that have the prime video subscription.
  4. As others join through the link you gave, the watch party stats once everyone is settled.

There you go with every detail, doubt and a quick guide to help you understand the all-new watch party feature on Amazon Prime Video.

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