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Did you want to search for some important messages on Facebook chat? Did you want to access the Facebook messenger history? A few years back, Facebook was the only popular social media available for users on the web. It has come a long way from just posting pictures to its latest update, Facebook Watch that allows the user to watch series and originals.

Initially, this social networking platform allowed its users to post pictures, share and watch meaningful or interesting content with their Facebook friends. This platform helped us to stay connected with our friends and colleagues who stayed far away. Way before WhatsApp was introduced, Facebook had introduced instant messaging on their platform to enhance the user experience. Later, it was upgraded to Facebook messenger. Over the years, Facebook Messenger became one of the widely used applications by a lot of people around the globe for messaging.

Everyone tries to search for old conversations on Facebook messenger at some point. Have you ever felt like going through the messages and conversation again? However, with time, the messages tend to get accumulated, and it becomes really hard to scroll through them. In case you were wondering how to look at old Facebook messages, then this article will explain to you how to search old Facebook messages.

How To Search Old Facebook Messages?

Below, we have explained different methods on how to look at old Facebook messages on messenger. Follow the steps given in order, then you can easily view your Facebook messenger history.

Conventional way

  • Log in to the Facebook Messenger app

Log in to your Facebook messenger app using your Facebook login email id or mobile number and password.

  • Choose the contact whose Facebook messenger history you want to view

Once you have selected the contact you whose old messages you want to view, tap on it. After you do this, the complete conversation that you have had with the user will appear, with the most recent conversation at the bottom.

  • Search for a recent conversation

Under the conventional way, to view the older messages, you will have to scroll upwards through your Facebook messenger history till you find the conversation you were looking for. It’s just simple scrolling but it will take a lot of time if the conversation you are trying to search is a very old message. However, this is the easiest method to search for a pretty recent conversation. Unfortunately, there is no third-party app that will help you find the exact message you are looking for. We suggest you stay away from any such application that says otherwise, until and unless Facebook announces it officially.

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Is There Any Faster Way To View Facebook Messenger History?

If you are wondering “how to look at old Facebook messages in a faster way?”, as the conventional way is time-consuming. Then don’t worry in this section we will explain to you how to search old Facebook messages via Keyword Search and URL. However, finding old messages via Keyword Search and Url can be only done on the Facebook web. Facebook messenger doesn’t have this feature at present. 

Method 1: Keyword search

Searching for old and important conversations is much efficient and faster when it is searching through Keyword. Keywords should be those words that you had used in the past conversation or at least they should be somewhat related to the conversation. You don’t have to type the whole sentence but one or words or a phrase is enough. Below we have explained the steps to find old conversations via keyword search.

  1. Let us start by logging into your Facebook profile on the web browser.
  2. Now, open the messages scream on the left side of the screen.
  3. After opening the messages, click on the user you wish to read the old conversation of.  After you open the user’s chatbox, you will be able to see the most recent chat with that user at the bottom of the chatbox.
  4. On the top left side of the screen, you will see a text widget with a magnifying glass or the search icon. Click on it and type in the word or phrase you are looking for.
  5. Once you have entered the keyword in the search icon text box, it will ignore the irrelevant messages. And take you to those conversations that have the keyword you have typed in it.

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Method 2: By using URL

This method has proved to be even faster than the conventional and the keyword search method. Initially, you might face a little difficulty as this method is a little technical. But, once understood, it is a very simple method. Follow the steps given below to find the old conversation on Facebook messenger.

  1. You can implement this method on both web and phone, however, if you are using a phone then we suggest you use the Facebook web on your phone.
  2. After you open the web browser, log in to your Facebook account using your Facebook email id and password.
  3. After you log in to your Facebook profile, open up the messages you wish to see by going to the message page.
  4. Now, choose the conversation you wish to view the Facebook messenger history.
  5. On the address bar, at the top of the browser, observe the URL.
  6. Scroll down and then right-click on the “See older messages” and select the new tab. Now, wait for it to open.
  7. On the new tab’s address bar you will notice “start=(number)” on the URL. that number denotes the hierarchy of conversation. That means if you have 500 messages then try to change that number into something close to 500 like 490. By doing so you will jump to the old conversation, much faster than the conventional method.

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Hopefully, this article helped you with the “how to look at old Facebook messages” search. There are many other methods also that can take you to your Facebook messenger history. For instance, you can ask Facebook to give you a download of your conversation with a person. However, this download is only available in HTML files, therefore it can be difficult to read and understand.

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