How To Nail Your Upcoming Typing Speed Test Like A Pro?





Among other skills, the ability to type fast is also an asset to any person who possesses it as demand in many sectors, especially the government sectors. Earlier, when typing was not common and was only limited to professional spaces, the competition was not much harder. On the contrary, today when typing has crept into our everyday lives and every second person is acing it, the competition has turned harder. It is still quite hard to determine whether you are fast at typing according to the norms laid down by the concerned authorities. In today’s time, there are several applications that will help you to take a reliable typing speed test. 

With these websites, you can even learn how to type faster but not all of the apps are as efficient and reliable as the ones that we are going to list down below. These are the five best apps to improve typing speed and to take the typing speed test. 

Mastering Typing Speed Test 

You must be thinking what is a good typing speed? Like every activity has a standard unit to measure it, in a similar way typing speed is also measured in WPH which is words per minute. The fastest typing range is approximately between 160 wpm to over 300 wpm. Meanwhile, the average typing that is recorded ranges from 41 words per minute along with an accuracy rate of around 92 percent. There are people who type more slowly than the average typing speed mentioned above which is also completely fine but in competitive places, it can pose a big problem for you. 

Now it must be kept in mind that while we talk about typing speed, accuracy goes hand in hand. Fast typing speed without accuracy results in nothing. Usually what happens is that when you type fast, the accuracy of grammar is lost in the speed so the outcome is not very satisfactory. Therefore, in order to bring accuracy along with a fast typing speed, one has to slow down the typing speed and work on accuracy and then pace up with the speed of typing. 

Best Tools to Improve Your Typing Speed Test in Linux 

Here are the five best tools that can help you to improve typing speed and even allow you to take the typing speed test. Let's read about each of them in detail. 

1. is very much recommended by all the developers for speed typing and the reason is due to its orientation towards programmers. Even the speed typing lessons that aim to improve typing speed are based on open-source code which eases up your typing and helps you to type with the different characters and sequences in the codes. 

This platform is online and all your work and progress that you have done is saved in the google account. has both a free version and paid version. The free version of offers 16 languages in which you can practice your typing. Typing speed test comes with realistic key processing and typo cost analysis. 

2. TIPP10 

You can also take the typing speed test and improve typing speed test with TIPP10 that is completely free and open-source. This cross-platform aims at improving your typing speed with the help of cross-platform 10 finger touch typing. The platform is available both on the desktop app and online web browser. 

TIPP10 has a very user-attractive interface and different kinds of keyboard layout in order to make the entire procedure of typing speed test more attractive. The results are also quite detailed for the typing lessons, text selection, and several other dictions. The platform has a progress tracker that keeps up with your daily work and informs you of how far you have reached. You can also customize fonts, colors, and other things to make it look more attractive and fun. 

3. KTouch 

This comes under the category of educational applications and therefore the usage is completely free of cost. Like the above platforms, it is also open-source and offers a variety of typing courses in different languages, and has different keyboard layouts that will help you to practice and improve your typing speed. In order to track your progress, there are many comprehensive statistics implemented by the KTouch platform. The user interface is also very colorful and will help to make your work and typing more interesting as a lot of time is given to typing, it is inevitable that the user might lose interest if the user interface is dull in the first place, hence the colorful user interface keeps the interest alive. 

4. Keybroard

This web application focuses on the learning of touch typing as with the technology, the traditional keyboard has been replaced by the touch keyboard in all spheres of technology. Touch typing is not normal typing but rather typing without looking at the keys of the keyboard. Thus, one needs to be aware of the keyboard layout. 

The setup is done in such a way that the typing speed test and learning become easy for the learners. With the help of an attractive and easy user interface and sophisticated algorithms. There are many exercises to help you through and other tips that track and save all your progress. There are multiple layouts, layers of multiplayer modes to make the activity and learning interesting for the users. 

These are the top four ways to help you immensely in taking the typing speed test and taking out your personal average typing speed. You can also use platforms like GNU typist and speed coder that are the other alternatives to test and improve your typing speed. Both of them are free of cost and have a very user-friendly interface. 

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