DIY Hack For Unpairing Apple Watch From Your Phone

unpairing an apple watch





Nowadays we have quite a few new ranges of technology in watches as well as mobile phones that link both of them together. Say for example you have an Apple watch that is linked to your mobile phone i.e.; your iPhone. So for sure, you are going to pair it with your own convenience. Pairing may be quite an easy task but for unpairing an Apple watch, you need to know some steps and some more information related to it. 

By pairing them you surely get the convenience of making your watch in sync with your mobile. You will have the convenience of calling facilities as well as testing facilities and in addition, also receive notifications. Hence your watch becomes a miniature version of your trusted smartphone. 

And after pairing them with each other, you give your watch access to the files on your phone. And the moment you start using it, you are adding up more data and information on your watch as well as the phone. So after pairing, new information and data get created which further needs to be backed up in case you delete them. 

unpairing an apple watch
unpairing an apple watch

Activation Lock on the Apple Watch

It is a kind of feature which is designed to make sure that you get back your watch if in case it gets lost or stolen. Activation Lock is a kind of password lock system that ensures you the highest security. The Activation Lock for the Apple Watch requires watch OS 2 which turns on, on its own after you set up “Find My iPhone” on your iPhone, which is paired with your Apple watch.

Before unpairing your watch from your iPhone, the activation lock requires an apple id and password. This ensures the security of your watch even if anyone else is using it or in case if you want to recover your lost data, etc. To sum up, the activation lock is an important part of the Apple watch security system that needs to be enabled on your device before either pairing or unpairing it.

Unpairing an Apple Watch: From your iPhone

If you are thinking of unpairing an apple watch with your phone, then remember that all of your files will get deleted. So make sure that you back up all your important information and data before you are going to unpair your apple watch from your phone. 

The Steps for Unpairing an Apple Watch from your Phone are

  • Firstly, to unpair the watch from your phone, you need to keep both of them concurrently or adjacently.
  • Secondly, you need to open the watch app on your phone.
  • Switch to the “my watch” tab and click on “all watches”.
  • Then tap on the info button present just next to the watch option on your device.
  • Now, click on “unpair apple watch”.
  • Subsequently, if you want to keep your files as a backup, then select to keep the data plan active otherwise select to delete the data plan.
  • Finally, press confirm.
  • And your Apple watch gets unpaired with your iPhone.

So this is a quick and easy method for unpairing an Apple Watch from your iPhone.

Unpairing an apple watch: Without an iPhone

unpairing an apple watch
unpairing an apple watch

And in case you want to erase your Apple Watch pairing from your Android phone, then here are the following steps

  • You need to switch on the ‘settings’ tab on your Apple Watch.
  • Go to the general settings tab.
  • Now you need to click on the reset button.
  • Click on the option ”Erase all content and settings”.
  • Type in your password if any tab pops up asking for your password.
  • Now if you want to keep your data plan active to pair your watch again, then select to keep the data plan option otherwise select to remove your data plan option on your apple watch.
  • Now press the “Erase all” button to confirm unpairing your apple watch.
  • And hence, you restored it to its factory settings i.e.; your Apple watch got unpaired with your phone.

Resetting your Apple Watch

In case you are willing to sell your watch or want to give your watch to someone for some time or you are intentionally want to erase any past activities that you have worked with, in all these cases, you have to reset your watch to its original factory settings. And the steps for that are the same as that of unpairing an apple watch with or without your iPhone.

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Follow the above Steps to Reset your Watch

  • Go to “settings” on your Apple watch.
  • Then move to the “General” option.
  • Now click on the “Reset” button.
  • And press confirm. Now your Apple watch is reset to its original factory settings.


To conclude, if you have an apple watch which you want to pair or unpair with your iPhone, you are practically linking up the files and information of the phone to your watch and making it quite convenient for yourself to ease your tasks by making your watch a small smartphone for your selves. And in case of any persisting problem with your watch if you need to unpair them, then the steps given above will surely help you.

The most important part to be noted here is that you should be creating a backup before unpairing your watch with your iPhone so that you may get back all the data when you pair them again. But if you want those data to get deleted intentionally, then kindly erase all the data plans and confirm for the unpairing of your watch with or without an iPhone. And the Activation Lock plays an important role in recovering your lost or stolen data. It is a highly secured method to keep your Apple watch safe with you and especially its files and information that is quite confidential. Hope this article helped you in getting clarity about all the steps that need to be performed for unpairing an apple watch from your iPhone or any other Android device.

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