4 Ways To Unlock A Frozen Mouse On A Laptop





Have you been in a position that you are in the middle of some important task on your computer and hurrying because the deadline is approaching and without the haste you would lose your project, but suddenly and out of nowhere the mouse on the screen stops without any prior notification or explanation?  Here is how to unlock a frozen mouse on a laptop. Yes, that is called freezing of the mouse and it is quite a common glitch that usually appears when your laptops get old or there is too much pressure on the RAM. 

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Nevertheless, there are many ways to tackle this situation, which erstwhile was nothing less than a nightmare for all of us. Now before we jump into the ways on how to unlock a frozen mouse on a laptop, let us talk about makers that determine if the mouse is frozen on a laptop. 

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Kinds of mouse freezing on the laptops

There is not one, but many kinds of mouse freezing that you will see in your laptop. Here are a few and the most common ones that you will encounter.

  • Your mouse pointer stops and freezes at one place. No matter how much you try to move your pointer, it would not budge at all from its place where it freezed.
  • Another kind of freezing that you notice is that it freezes while you are typing and keeps freezing intermittently.
  • The other kind is that it freezes and then disappears from your screen. This is one of the worst kinds of freezing of the mouse pointer.
  • The other one is not actually freezing but the mouse pointer keeps moving here and there all over the screen even if you have not given any command like that.

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These were the kinds of mouse freezing you would encounter while working on your laptop. Therefore, in order to combat that and take you out of this situation we have presented some very effective ways to unlock a frozen mouse on a laptop. 

How To Unlock A Frozen Mouse On A Laptop?

Here are some of the most effective, easy and quick easy to fix a frozen mouse on a laptop. Let us get started and take a glance on each one of them.

  • Look out for physical issues and check if there are any

First check which device is not working, is it the mousepad or the mouse itself and locate the device from where the problem emerges from. If you think it is the mouse that is not working, then try changing the battery of the mouse if it has one. If it does not have a battery or the problem is with the mousepad, then move on to the second option to unlock a frozen mouse on a laptop. 

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  • Use function keys to rescue yourself

If the above method does not fix a frozen mouse on a laptop, then try this method to unlock the frozen mouse. Most of the time it happens that you press the function keys here and there unconsciously due to which your mouse pointer freezes as it disables the trackpad accordingly. In order to avoid and fix that, do the following: 

  1. Press and hold down the Fn key on your keyboard and press the touchpad key (or F7, F8, F9, F5, depending on the laptop.
  2. Now try moving your mouse to check if it has unlocked a frozen mouse on the laptop.
  • Check the settings on your computer

If the problem still persists despite the above attempts, then the best to immediately check the settings on your computer so that it can help to unlock a frozen mouse on a laptop. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Press the start button.
  2. Search for the ‘mouse’ option in the search bar.
  3. Go to the option of either ‘mouse’ or the ‘mouse settings.
  4. Tap on the touchpad option under the mouse settings or click ELAN/Synaptics/Device settings, whatever it is named as in your laptop and enable the option.

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  • Go for the drivers

The last option , if you see that nothing unlocks a frozen mouse on the laptop, then go the drivers. You need to visit the website of the laptop manufacturer, then download them. After you have downloaded the setup, install it and run it on your laptop. Drivers are the last and the effective way to unlock a frozen mouse on the laptop despite being the only method among all that is lengthy. 

Some other easy that you can also try are disabling the pointer precision on your laptop, disabling the disappearing feature of the windows or reinstalling the mouse driver as above.

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