Can Playing Online Games Be Your Masterclass To Learning Tech Soft Skills?





One of the most important elements that one needs to have to grow and achieve their goals is to get a job. Jobs provide financial power to an individual and help them to fulfil their dreams. But it is not as easy as it looks. 

Every company wants to hire someone who brings something different to the table. Different kinds of industries require different types of skills. For example, an IT industry may require technical skills, whereas a business industry may require leadership or management skills. One thing that every industry has in common is the need for soft tech skills. 

Why are Soft Skills So Essential?

Soft skills are important attributes that allow an individual to engage in meaningful and productive conversations with others. It is one of the most critical skills in modern days as most industries require an individual to be a team player. Soft skills increase the chance of getting employment and achieving a dream job. It also allows an individual to build professional relationships and progress forward at their job. 

Some of the Standard Entry-Level Tech Soft Skills

Here are some of the most common and important entry-level tech soft skills-

1. Communication

Perhaps one of the most important skills in any industry, communication is a key skill that every individual entering a technical sector should be good at. An IT professional has to communicate with subordinates and superiors about the technical aspects of the job. The employee should be good at both writing and speaking communication skills. The communication must be clear and to the point because if not, it can lead to some technical issues in the future. 

2. Collaboration

Somebody who likes to work alone may not go far when it comes to the IT industry. There are a lot of moving parts in the company, so the person has to be a team player. An employee should be open to hearing new ideas, which can lead to achieving organizational goals. The main focus should always be to achieve organizational goals over personal goals. 

3. The ability to learn

Every individual should have the ability to learn new skills when they decide to enter an industry. There are many things that the employee might not know how to do, so the willingness and eagerness to learn should always be there even if something seems hard in the beginning.

4. Creativity

Every company needs a creative spark. Creativity is an important skill to have in everyone’s arsenal as it gives an ability to solve even the most complex problems that one might face. Creativity also helps to build different strategies and policies, which helps in the growth of a company. 

5. Accountability

In any industry, an employee should always be ready to take ownership of their actions. No one wants to hire someone who is not accountable for what they did and blame others what their own mistakes. Accountability is a skill that builds trust between the employer and the employee. 

6. Critical thinking

A critical thinker is a person who logically connects ideas and evaluates every single thing to find out any inconsistencies a person might make to do a job. It can help to give suggestions that can improve someone’s overall performance, making them more efficient and effective while doing their job. 

7. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the most important skills that one can have these days. The continuous changes and advancements in technology mean that the companies often look for those employees who can adapt to these changes as quickly as possible. 

How Online Games Help to Teach Tech Soft Skills?

Online Games to Teach Tech Soft Skills

Research over the past few years suggests that games can have a positive effect on building soft skills.

Some of the soft skills that games help to develop are as follows-

1. Cognitive skills

Video games can help develop cognitive skills in children from a young age. Some of the games require children to think hard and think out of the box to solve a problem or a mystery. It has been seen to have a positive impact when it comes to developing strong cognitive skills. It also requires the implication of critical thinking and problem solving, which is a plus. 

2. Rational development

Research also showed that games help individuals think rationally and make decisions that directly affect the outcome. Rational thinking is an important element in development. It allows an individual to think about the big picture, evaluates all the possibilities and outcomes, and choose the most suitable option. 

3. Communication and creativity

As discussed earlier, communication is one of the most important skills. Communication and creativity are something that has helped with the use of video games. They help a kid/adult to learn and interact in real life as well Communication is important because it helps to run things smoothly and is the first step to build trust. Video games nowadays have voice chat and chat features. It allows players to communicate with other players worldwide and build a strong team based on trust. 

Video games not only teach players communication skills but also force them to be creative. Creativity is a skill that everyone should thrive on. Being creative helps an individual to come up with new ideas and solutions to solve a problem. These problem-solving skills can be seen in many online games, requiring players to think creatively and new ways to solve a mystery. 

In addition to this, games can also help an individual to teach some basic computer skills which are also very important.


There is no doubt that tech soft skills are one of the most important skills one can offer. Every industry needs a person who can help them progress forward and achieve organizational goals without any hassle. Someone with good soft skills is one of the most desirable candidates in the world for a company. These skills help individuals stand out from the rest of the competition and set them up for great success ahead. 

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