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As work has turned online or even when it had not turned online, the only thing we all missed and that made us switch back to mobile phones was the unavailability of taking screenshots. It is extremely inconvenient to save every document or the link to a certain website only for a particular thing. Wonder how to take screenshot in windows 7 ? Here’s how.

Moreover, screenshots are available offline and you can see exactly the part you wish to see, but in laptops and computers, the function of taking screenshots is different and therefore, the idea of saving links on the laptop because you are unable to take a screenshot is also pretty useless as you cannot access your document or that website when you do not have access to the internet.

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Therefore, keeping these things in mind and many other inconveniences that emerge from the question of how to take screenshot in windows 7? Now to take screenshot in windows 7 is not a tough task, but the majority is not aware of this function in windows 7. As most of us use the Windows 7 operating system, let us learn to take screenshot in Windows 7.

How To Take A Screenshot In Windows 7?

There is not one, but many ways in which you can take screenshot in Windows 7 without the installation of any external software or applications. Let us have a look at some of how you can take screenshots in windows 7.

Using the snipping tool to take screenshot in windows 7

This is one of the best and the easiest in windows 7 way that can help you to capture our screen and not only will you be able to take a snapshot of the screen, but also make changes according to the way you want. This application of the snipping tool is pre-installed on all the workstations, therefore this makes it easier to use and work on. Now, let us have a look at how to take screenshot in windows 7:

  1. To open the snipping tool, click on the start or the windows icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Go to all programs
  3. You will see the snipping tool ( a scissor icon) under the all programs option.

For taking a screenshot in windows 7 with the help of the snipping the tool:

  1. When you will open the snipping tool, click on the down arrow next and select the model you want.
  2. Choose either of them: free form snip, rectangular snip, window snip and full-screen snip. Depending on your choice, select any of them that suits your purpose.
  3. After selecting one of the above, you will notice the entire screen of the computer change a grey color.
  4. Select the area manually you want to capture except when you have chosen the last option.
  5. Save your screenshot by clicking on the floppy icon.

For taking a screenshot of the menu:

  1. Open the snipping tool and press escape.
  2. Open the window you would like to take a snap of
  3. Press ctrl print screen
  4. Capture the screen of the menu.
  5. Click on the floppy icon to save your screenshot.

After taking a screenshot of the menu or any of the four option that was discussed above, you can also make use of the modifiers that will be listed as additional features:

  1. Highlighter ( if you wish to highlight a particular segment)
  2. Pen (write extra information in the screenshot)
  3. Eraser (to undo any changes)

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Using the paint program to take screenshot in windows 7 

Another easy and surprising way to take screenshot in Windows 7 is through the paint software that is pre-installed in every computer, regardless of the version of the Windows OS. Before that, open the window you want to take the screenshot of and click on the print screen (print screen) button on the PC. If you are using it on a laptop use it as fn key + print screen key. Here is how you can take a screenshot in windows 7:

  1. Click on the start button.
  2. Go to all programs and click on accessories
  3. Go to paint
  4. When you have opened the paint, click on the paste option present at the top of the screen and it will bring the screenshot to the viewing area of the main screen.
  5. Click on the select option (dotted rectangular icon) if you want to cut out the unnecessary parts from the screenshot.
  6. You can always undo it with the help of the blue reverse arrow icon present at the top-left corner of the screen.
  7. Now that you selected the part in step 5, you will see the option to crop the image. Tap on it.
  8. From the menu option above on the left-hand side, click on the save as option where you will be asked the format in which you want to save the file. Choose any one format and you are done.

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These were the two quick ways with which you can take a screenshot in windows and modify it as per your choice. 

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