How To Take Professional Pictures With Smartphone? 8 Key Tips





Everyone wants to take good pictures from their Instagram or Facebook account. A phone camera may not give the same quality of pictures that a DSLR camera could give you. But they are getting better and better with time. As the phone is a daily necessity and it is portable, phone photography is opted by many people.

Technology has made a lot of advancements in the mobile industry. From normal LCD to AMOLED and Super AMOLED displays to 0.35MP resolution of the camera to 20MP resolution. Mobile companies are improving phone photography resolution, adding more lenses, and integrating picture storage options that let you take good pictures.

If you want to take professional photos with your smartphone. Here are a few phone photography tips to take good pictures.

Tips to Take Professional Photos With Your Smartphone

Below are the tips given to take professional photos with a smartphone:

1. Clean your camera lens

Before you start taking professional photos with your smartphone, you might want to make sure that your camera is in order. That means doing a bit of cleaning of your phone camera to shoot pictures. Next to having a good camera phone, this would be one of the essential parts to take good pictures. Always remember to clean your phone’s camera before you take photos. 

It is often common to clean your camera with the clothes nearby. With jeans and the top, you are being used to clean the camera. However, if you would like to keep your smartphone camera away from scratch. Then use a soft material like a microfiber cloth to clean any smudges off your camera lenses.

2. Make use of those gridlines

Gridlines are normally in-built in your phone’s camera settings. Using gridlines will help to balance your shot when you take good pictures with your phone. This is one of the easiest and one of the most effective ways to improve the quality of pictures.

Turning the gridlines on in the phone is based on the third’s rule which states that they should be divided into thirds- horizontally and vertically. If you are wondering how to use Gridlines on your device, just follow the instructions given below.

Here’s what to do to activate gridline on iPhone camera:

  1. Go to your phone’s settings.
  2. Now to the “Photos and Camera” section.
  3. Now look for “Grid” and turn it on, on your phone.

And here’s what to do to activate gridlines on Android phone cameras:

  • First and foremost, go to the camera app and click on it to open it.
  • Now, go to the camera “Settings” option.
  • Scroll down and switch the “gridlines” option to “on”.

3. Get closer instead of zooming

When you are doing phone photography instead of using the camera’s digital zoom try stepping closer to that object. Digital zooming will reduce the image quality and you can lose a lot of fine details from your image. You will be amazed by the picture quality you will be getting just by taking a few steps closer to the object.

4. Do not use the filter

Filters were cool once upon a time. Even though there are plenty of good filters still existing that can make your photo look much better. But they are not as good as those pictures that are natural and original. 

The standard apps are pretty good on most smartphones, but there are other third-party apps to try out. Editing offers more features, settings, and other settings to upgrade your picture and make it look better. Some good editing apps for phones are VSCO cam, Snapseed, Flickr, Lightroom. 

5. Try weird angles to take good pictures

Believe it or not but taking pictures from weird angles does end up being good pictures. This is all about seeing things from another perspective. Think about a bird’s eye view. This is nothing but the overhead view.

This angle can capture that image that would need to position the camera above the subject. You can try taking pictures from rooftops or even a ladder. The next one will be a reverse bird’s eye view. To capture this shot you will have to lie on your back Now think about the child or dog view. To do this you will have to lie down on the ground.

If you can think of any other perspective or angle, go for it! The result might be a lot better than you would have imagined and create your signature of capturing moments.

6. Turn your phone on its side

The internet and its browsers are a horizontal medium. As a content creator, you should aim to produce horizontal pictures that take up the entire screen instead of just a small part of it. To do this, instead of shooting images vertically just capture them horizontally. You will be amazed by how much that landscape image you captured on the vertical scale will look good on the horizontal.

7. Use the volume button to take the image

It will be tough to take an image with the phone turned on its side by pressing the capture button. So try using the “volume up” button to capture the image. In a few phones instead of the “volume up,” it might be the “volume down” button.

Hence before trying it up you can check the camera setting to set into button mode and use the button accordingly. Although by turning the phone to its side and using the volume button, you will be forced to use both hands. But this will increase the stability and reduce the shaking.

8. Steady yourself or else use a tripod stand

A steady hand will take good pictures when compared to a shaky hand. But it is not always possible to hold on to a position as well. Your hands will start to ache badly and it will eventually start shaking. To avoid this use a tripod stand.

Nowadays pocket-sized tripods are available which are perfect for phone photography. If you wish to use a professional tripod then you can purchase the smartphone cases with in-built mounting threads to stick them.

Final Words

Taking good pictures is a skill that you will have to develop with time and patience. Don’t get disappointed in yourself if you fail to take good pictures. With practice, you can develop this skill in no time. 

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