How To Stream PC Games To Smartphones? 6 Exciting Options To Try





Mobile games are fun to play. There are many awesome mobile games such as CODM, Among Us, Fortnite, and more. However, nothing can compare to the fun that you experience while playing PC games. Somehow many gamers around the world feel PC games are more exciting and thrilling to play. Sometimes you might want to play our favorite PC game while we are on your go. If you are wondering whether it is possible to stream PC games to smartphones or not. Then, we have good news for you. You can stream PC games on Android and iOS. However, you might face some hurdles while setting up your devices to make them compatible enough to enjoy your favorite games. But once it’s set up no one can stop you from playing your favorite PC games. In this article, we will walk you through different methods to stream PC games to smartphones. 

6 Options  To Stream PC Games To Smartphones

Here's the list of 6 exciting services to stream pc games to smartphone that you must try:

1. Nvidia GameStream

What are the Pros?What are the Cons?
No lag in streamingIts hardware is expensive
Have a long battery lifeThe Router may limit performance
High definition graphicsHeavy-duty games sometimes can be buggy

If you are using a PC with an Nvidia graphics card and an Nvidia Shield device, then GameStream is the first streaming service you should check out. It supports shield devices and boasts full controller support. GameStream can play games locally or over the internet. GameStream performs fast and smooth with 60 FPS gaming at up to 4K HDR. But, if you use laptops with hybrid graphics cards then you might face issues.

2. Moonlight

What are the Pros?What are the Cons?
Supports Cross-platform (Android and iOS)Its hardware is expensive
Very good tutorialsInstalling process is tough
Very good picture qualitySteam games only

Moonlight is the perfect game streaming service to stream PC games to smartphones. If you have an Nvidia-powered PC but not an Nvidia Shield device, then you can use Moonlight. It is an open-source implementation of GameStream. Do not expect to have the same smoothness or performance that GameSTream gave you from moonlight. But it is an excellent option if you use Nvidia products on your PC.

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3. GeForce Now

What are the Pros?What are the Cons?
Supports games from multiple sourcesHigh subscription cost
Does not require an expensive video cardRequires a high-speed internet connection
Easy InstallationThe interface can be buggy

Another exclusive Nvidia Shield product is GeForce Now. This is more like old-school OnLive technology. Using GeForce you can stream PC to Android phones and iOS phones. The performance of this stream is quite good and just by paying the subscription fee, you get a selection of games that you can stream.

You can even buy some newer games and get permanent keys for them. The GeForce Now plays games at excellent quality and streaming video compression is less and less of a factor than ever before.

4. KinoConsole

What are the Pros?What are the Cons?
KiniConsole is free to download and useVirtual controls are unreliable 
You can stream PC games on Android and iOSMenu navigation is difficult on mobile devices.
Easy to set upThe application is glitchy sometimes.

If you have issues with Nvidia or do not have one, then KinoConsole is the one for you. KinoConsole is a desktop application that lets you stream PC games to a smartphone or tablet. This streaming service works smoothly for games remotely. It has an Xbox 360 controller driver that it installs, so you can easily use a gamepad with your android device.

Hence avoiding the hassle of setting up the software and you can enjoy your game easily. It also gives full support for external gamepads for the best PC experience. This service streams PC to Android in high definition up to 60 fps.

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5. Kainy

What are the Pros?What are the Cons?
It is highly customizableNo recent updates
It has helpful video demosLow video quality
Is Easy to set upIn-game ads

Kainy is another excellent way to stream PC to android other than Nvidia and KinoConsole. But, it is pretty tricker for users when compared to other methods as well. It does not have quite an appealing interface for browsing games. Moreover, using a controller in Kainy is a little bit trickier when compared to the 360 Xbox controller driver. But if you do not mind the complex and tricker settings and configurations then Kainy will work quickly well enough to satisfy you. Kainy even comes with a demo version and an ad-supported version that you can give a try before opting for the premium version.

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6. Remotr 

What are the Pros?What are the Cons?
Remotr streaming service is free to download and useIt requires a strong bandwidth 
It works pretty well with some gamesIt required a high-end graphics processor
It gives frequent updatesThe setup and configuration of this service can be hard.

Remotr is another useful way for streaming PC games to smartphones. It comes with amazing features like intuitive touch controls, with touch button sets that can let you play if you do not have a controller handy. You can even use a gamepad if you want, but you might want to go for it only if you do not have a controller or the other methods give you trouble.

How To Play Steam PC To Android?

If you are a gamer then you will know it is a vie=deo game distributor. It has some amazing and really good games that anyone will crave. Here’s how you can play steam games on android.

  1. Download the Steam Link App from their website to your Android device.
  2. Make sure your PC is turned on and running Steam.
  3. Now, complete the setup and connect your PC to the Steam Link App using the code.
  4. After this, pair your controller to your Android smartphone with a cable or you can even do this via Bluetooth.
  5. Now, open the Steam Link app and run a network test. This can be found in the Settings.
  6. Select start playing.

Now you can stream PC games to your smartphone and enjoy your game anytime and any day.

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