10 Easy Steps To Tackle Steam Disk Write Error Issue And Play Uninterrupted





Steam is a popular social gaming platform loaded with plenty of engaging games. This platform allows its users to buy, play and discuss their game with gamers across the steam. But, are you facing trouble while attempting to play your game?

The Steam disk write error usually occurs while you try to install a new game or upgrade your previously installed game. Sometimes, a Steam disk write error message also pops up while attempting to launch a game that needs a quick update. This article will walk you through some of the ways you can fix the Steam disk write error in your Windows, Mac, and Linux system.

Why Does The Steam Disk Writes Error Appear?

You might be curious to know what might be the main reason for this error message to appear. During an update of a game or new installation, whenever the steam fails to install and save game data to the storage drive on your computer the error message pops up. The steam disk write error is usually accompanied by either one of the following error messages shown below:

  1. An error occurred while updating Team Fortress 2 (or any game title)
  2. An error occurred while installing Team Fortress 2 (or any game title)

Few of the reason, why steam is unable to download and save game data to your system:

  • If your drive or steam folder is write-protected.
  • If there are defects in the hard drive of your system.
  • Your antivirus or firewall does not allow steam to download and save game data.
  • If there are corrupted files in the Steam directory.
  • If there are outdated files in the steam directory.

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How To Fix The Steam Disk Write Error?

Here are a few fixes that might help you to fix the Steam disk write error. You may or may not have to try all the fixes out. Have patience, and work your way down the list till you find that one fix that works for your system.

1. Delete the 0kb file

Check your Windows, Mac, or Linux system, whether it contains any 0kb file. You can do this by opening the drive in which you installed your steam platform (by default it should be in the program file in your C drive).Then navigate and click on steam> steamapps>common. Here you can check whether this folder contains any 0kb files and then delete them.

2. Try to restart your steam or computer

This is the easiest way to rule out any temporary issues that might be interfering with your steam. Just restart the steam first and check whether it fixes the problem or not. If not, then try restarting your PC as well, this might help you deal with the ongoing applications that might be interfering with steam.

3. Remove the write protection on your drive

Removing the write protection from the drive in which your steam games are stored, will allow the steam to alter and add files required for the game to function. The write protection stops a computer from altering or adding files or making any changes to the protected folder or drive. And hence interfering with your steam. 

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4. Run the Steam as an administrator

Running the steam as an administrator will allow it to gain extra permission. This extra permission might allow fixing the issue. You can do this by going to the location of your steam.

Then right-click on steam.exe. Go to properties>compatibility. There, tick the “Run as administrator” check box and then click on the “Apply” button. After doing this, check whether the issue has been solved or not.

5. Delete corrupted files and folders

Corrupted files and folders always interrupt the smooth function of the system. Therefore, try removing the corrupted files from your folder or deleting them permanently from the PC. Open the steam>logs directory. Then click on content log and search for a “Failed to Write” file. Delete that file, and then repeat the downloading or upgrading of your game.

6. Verify the integrity of the game files

Note: In case your game downloads additional updates using a launcher then skip this step. Doing so will replace your launcher with a base launcher and you will lose all the updates. Then re-installing the updates through the launcher will be required for proper functioning.

Go to your steam library. Then right-click on the game facing the trouble and go to properties. From there, go to the “Local Files” tab on the screen. Now, choose “Verify Integrity of Game Files”. By doing this, the steam will automatically find and replace any corrupt files.

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7. Clear your steam download cache

The steam disk writes error can be caused if the steam download cache is corrupted. Clearing the Steam download cache might force the steam client to locally clear the cached configuration data and obtain it from the steam server again. To do this, open your steam application and then go to “Settings”. After opening the “Settings” file, go to “Downloads” and then tap on “Clear Download Cache”.

8. Disable the antivirus program or add exceptions for the steam

Disabling the antivirus application might help to fix the steam dish write error. When you install a computer Antivirus program, it has deep access to your operating system. Sometimes, it might end up identifying your steam as a threat and block its access to your system. Try disabling your computer antivirus and add an exception for steam in the antivirus application.

9. Move your game folder to a new drive

Occasionally, the original drive in which you downloaded your game might cause interruptions and prevent the steam from writing to it. So, try to install the game on another hard drive. In case this fixes the steam drive write error, create a new Steam library folder and then shift your already installed games into it or download new games into it. To add the newly created steam library folder, open your steam and go to downloads in the settings. Go to steam library folders and add the new library folder.

10. Disable the firewall

Firewalls may prevent a few programs from running smoothly. It may even prevent the steam from exchanging the necessary files or information with the server, which can cause the steam disk write error to appear. Therefore, try to disable the firewall temporarily. In case it works, then you might have to add exceptions in your system firewall for steam.

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