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Smartphones supporting the Android operating system are the most commonly used devices on a global scale when compared to iOS devices like iPhones, iPads. The main reason behind this difference is the affordability that Android provides to its users as it is budget-friendly as well as one does not have to compromise in terms of quality, features, etc. Android devices are becoming super-advanced, with faster processors, and better RAM capacity, making every activity possible almost immediately but if one notices that with time these devices slow down due to over junk collection or other faults.

If your smartphone is quite old and feels to be slower than before, then this article is the right solution to fix it as we will discuss the various tricks on how to speed up Android phones and improve their performance. Whenever the smartphone slows down or gets stuck frequently, the usual reaction of users is to look out for an anti-virus software solution. This might solve the problem but there are multiple ways apart from this solution that would speed up Android phone performance. This might even save you from spending on a new phone as an improved old phone with all your details is way more comfortable to hold on to rather than starting afresh by buying a new one.

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Why Do Android Phones Slow Down With Time?

Even though one buys a high-end and expensive Android smartphone, its performance tends to fade within a few months, which is quite irritating. One might face problems like lagging or stuttering even after regular cleaning. Here are some of the reasons why the phones tend to freeze or slow down with time, hence preventing the smooth user experience. A primary reason could be loading the device with lots and lots of applications that would result in filling up of memory space. This applies to both smartphones as well as desktop operating systems but since mobiles are always meant to work with go, it bothers even more.

Lack of availability of the latest version of Android could be another reason. Always make sure to keep the phone updated so that as a user one does not miss any cool feature that comes along with the updating process. Now that we have checked out some of the common reasons that affect the performance speed of Android devices, let us proceed with other possible solutions that might be right for your device. 

Tips To Speed Up Your Old Android Phone

Here are some of the best tips to speed up your old phone that you must know:

Reboot The Android Device

To begin with, let us check out the simplest yet effective solution that might save your device from freezing or getting stuck hence improving the phone’s speed. Press and hold the power button of your device continuously for a few seconds. Then, choose the ‘Restart’ option. Rebooting allows the Android device to delete all the temporary files on the smartphone and cleans up the RAM storage. Try using the device after rebooting and check if this has been supported to speed up phone processor performance. If not, try the following tricks.

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Tidy up the device home screen

The home screen usually has the widgets that one frequently uses and a customized wallpaper. These might add comfort to your regular usage of the device but it also acts as an extra load on its performance, especially when one uses the live wallpapers. 

Tidy up the device home screen

Try replacing the live wallpapers with static ones and remove all the unused widgets and icons. This decluttering would definitely enhance the overall performance and speed of the phone.

Remove animations

If even after freeing the memory, cached files, and removing the unnecessary widgets from the home screen doesn’t add up to your expected result and you are still questioning how to speed up android phone, then try removing the animations feature. By default, the android device comes with animations that make the digital experience better. Here are the steps to disable the animations on the Android device:

Enable developer mode

To make changes in the animation speed or to disable it first the user must enable the developer mode. Enabling this feature is mandatory by default as not all users need to have access to it, only a developer or the user who knows about the effects of making changes in this mode should operate it. To enable this mode, go to the Settings of your device and scroll down to the ‘About phone option. From the list, tap continuously for about six to seven times on the ‘Build number’. A statement with a message that you are now a developer indicates enabling, which means that the developer mode has been activated.

Animations options

Now a new set of settings options would be visible. Search for animation options and you can either reduce the speed or disable animations completely. Once disabled, the reduction in the time taken for rendering the visual effects on the mobile screen occurs and hence it would speed up android phone performance.

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Factory resetting 

Factory resetting

When none of the above solutions helps to increase the speed of your smartphone, try factory resetting it. This is the final solution based on how to speed up android phones and is majorly used for really old phones with too much junk in them. This is possible in two methods, however, one must remember that this would cause permanent changes to the phone and it erases all the files, data, etc.

  • Using the settings

Open the Settings of the device and click on the ‘Factory reset option. This method allows soft resetting the device, which means wiping off all the data, photos, videos, downloaded applications, cache memory, etc.

  • Hard resetting 

On the other hand, the second technique involves hard resetting the device if one wants to perform deeper cleaning. This requires booting into the recovery mode and then hard resetting the device. To do the same, continuously press the power button and turn off the device, now press both the power as well as volume button together. To ensure that before hard resetting, all the important files are backed up.

Final Words

These are some of the solutions or tricks to fasten your old Android devices and there might be many more too. However, in this article, we have covered the tips and discussed how to speed up android phone similar to the condition when it was bought new. Hope this helps in improving the user experience of your Android device.

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