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Are you new to the world of marketing or exploring effective ways to gain more audience by establishing brand trust, and professionalism in business? If yes, then social media is the right solution, to begin with. Today, social media has gained popularity for so many reasons other than just being a platform for people to connect or share content. Social media engagement tools are available to help businesses establish their brand in social media so that their customers can connect with them as well as gain new audiences or crowds by posting relevant, interesting content.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the social media tools for authentic engagement as well as management of social media platforms, which helps to gain trust, become visible among the crowd of competitors with similar goals, and ease the digital marketing process, hence, allowing you to focus on reaching out to the viewers or followers. 

To know about all the tools or digital solutions available for effective social media output is very important, as there are several factors that affect your growth as a brand, such as post relevancy, recency, the timing of the post, customer understanding, etc. hence incorporation of such authentic engagement tools will improve the organic reach.

There are several techniques to gain your audience’s attention, which involves promotional advertising, providing discounts, offers or coupons, etc. but all of these require financial investment, while on the other hand, the organic reach involves techniques to improve your visibility by genuine or authentic social media engagement activities. Such reach is tough to achieve, but it ensures that only a truly interested audience reaches your brand, hence helping to retain a brand reputation as well as its stability over a longer period of time.

Social Media Engagement

Now that we understand the importance of social media and the requirement of social media tools for authentic engagement and organic reach, let us begin by understanding what exactly social media engagement is, before getting into the tools currently available. Authentic social media engagement involves the measurement of factors that are important in social media, they are – likes, comments, and shares of your post. All these together indicate the success of your post hence determining the reach or engagement of the audience. Higher the percentage refers to a higher connection that the customers have felt with the contents in your post.

Some opt for the easier way, by buying out really popular or active accounts on social media platforms but ultimately, social media success is determined by just the number of followers but the most important measure includes the engagement rate of the audience. As quality wins over quantity when it comes to business, the same principle is applicable here also.

For example, even though there are thousands of followers in a social media account or for a brand, it is very rare to comment or respond to questions, feedback, live chatting, etc. then it doesn’t reciprocate a healthy or successful platform for your brand growth. It might appear good but that is not exactly the result a successful business or anyone with passion is looking out for. 

Active participation and engagement are the key factors for every social media platform irrespective of whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. This supports positive development, and the rise of meaningful relationships with potential customers, along with the existing nones.

Here are the metrics that one must check to measure social media engagement level:

  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Click rate
  • Followers and its growth
  • Tags, mentions, links, etc
  • Retweets (In Twitter)
  • The popularity of Hashtags, and the frequency of their use.

So, on the whole, social media engagement refers to the growth seen when anyone interacts with your brand account, which need not be in form of text messages but in any form as mentioned earlier.

Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement

Everyone wants to seek success in terms of reaching out to the audience, but one has to be unique in order to stand out among the crowd, and the starting phase to engage your customers, making them interact is a bit difficult as they might hesitate. So, here are some of the tips to improve social media engagement, and authentic engagement.

Before getting into implementing these tricks, it is essential for you to analyze your current engagement. This makes it easier to focus on the aspects that are causing trouble, or the points which are lacking. Without this preparation, it’s harder to measure growth as one must know the starting point.

Constant observation and collection of information or data related to the number of followers, the comment rate, number of shares, etc. will help in understanding your average post activity, hence, providing insight on your current situation. This practice upon regular implantation will create a pattern, and might even help in predicting the response of a post before posting it.

Finally, choose your strategy by fixing the goal that the business must achieve apart from those that it is already offering to its customers.

Here are a few goals that might help in scrutinizing your data into a particular focal point:

  • To change the persona of your brand by changing its perception among followers
  • To get new leads and attract potential customers
  • Understand customer demands by collecting feedback
  • Spreading awareness about your new or existing products, services, resources, etc

All these are possible using social media engagement tools for (Authentic) social media engagement and organic reach. Here are some of the examples of such tools which are efficient, and user-friendly.


Statusbrew is one of the most efficient social media tools for authentic engagement that helps in managing multiple platform accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. 

It provides features like, all in one inbox that compiles all the activities across the different platforms, automatically delete, hide, or assign the data to your team based on their current status, and much more!


Socialbakers is another social media engagement tool that works on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. It provides lots of features such as multiple account management, compiled inbox, tools to track the conversations, etc. at a premium cost. It might seem a bit expensive for small businesses but is very useful for the management of accounts on different platforms.

In this article, we have discussed in detail the importance of social media tools for authentic engagement, and the tips to improve the engagement or activity on your accounts. Hope this was useful in boosting your account as well as the business.

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