Thinking Of Buying A Smart Lock? 4 Locks That You Should Consider





As technology has advanced in every sector, so is our need for more security. Old traditional devices are becoming outdated and are being replaced by new, automatic and safer pieces of devices. One such thing that has been introduced into the modern market is the smart locks which have taken over the traditional lock and key system. Smart locks are perfect for especially those who keep losing their keys or those who do not trust the door locks much. Moreover, these smart door locks are not only handy unlike the iron locks, but you can even connect these smart locks to your smartphones. Once you pair the phone with the smart lock, you can have remote access to the lock, unlock your phone with the smartphone and even monitor your front door through your mobile phone. 

Other companies take this stride one step forward and add a fingerprint sensor to your lock. Now, this might not seem quite useful or even crucial to personal use but serves best for the professional spaces, where the security needs to be very tight. Therefore, for security, convenience and automation, you should switch to smart locks. So, picking smart locks for the home might be difficult and what kind of smart lock you need also depends on the settings you live in. 

Best Smart Lock For Your Home You Must Consider 

To make your search easier let us take a look at different smart locks that would be perfect for your home. So among thousands of smart locks available in the market, here are the best smart door locks that would be perfect for your home. So, without any delay, let us have a look at each of them. 

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August WIFI smart lock 

The august WIFI smart lock usually heads the list of the best smart locks available in the market. This smart lock includes a retrofit august lock along with an open-close door sensor. If you have seen the previous models of August, you will notice that the lock is 45% smaller than the previous models. And the best part is yet to come! The device can pair up with Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa for voice control with various user access and controls that keep a log of everything that happens at your door where the lock is installed. 

Yale assure lock SL key-free touchscreen deadbolt 

This is a more advanced version than the one we talked about previously. This lock is completely digitalized, small and has a touchscreen. Not only this, wherever you put the yale assure lock, it will adorn the existing beauty of the door due to its sleek design. The lock has a door sensor and WIFI with a backlit keypad that works with Amazon Alexa voice control, google assistant and home kit. You can connect the lock to the other devices that are present in your smart home system. 

Schlage encode smart WIFI deadbolt 

This smart lock can also be connected to your WIFI with the help of the power adaptor. Even though this smart lock is not digitized as the previous one, it has the most appealing hardware of tough design. This smart lock can be integrated with Google Assistant and Alexa but not with the apple home kit. Also, instead of a keypad, there is a keyboard over the glass touchscreen. Even though this might be more affordable than the above two smart locks, generally people find it difficult to operate. 

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August smart lock and connect 

This third-gen smart lock and connect has a door sensor like most of the other smart door locks and a WIFI module. The smart lock does not have a digitized look and is compatible with the Google Assistant and Alexa voice controls which also offers remote access to it through the august smart app. Also, the fact that this smart door lock is moderately priced and quite affordable to everyone, one can use it in apartments and houses where you do not want to remove the lock and can have access to our place with a keyless entry.

What Should You Choose In The Smart Lock: WIFI Or Bluetooth? 

Another thing that worries us most is what to choose while buying a smart lock: WIFI or Bluetooth? If you choose a Bluetooth smart lock then its battery will last longer as compared to the WIFI smart lock. As for the WIFI smart lock, the battery runs out faster comparatively. 

The major disadvantage with the Bluetooth smart locks is that their range is quite limited, and at the most is somewhere around 300 ft (affected by home layout too). Therefore, if you are somewhere around or even within the vicinity, then the Bluetooth can function without any problem. But when you wander off a little far away, then it loses the connection. So, in the end, it is your call according to what suits your security and safety best. 

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