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Discord is a free chat application that was built for gamers where, they can chat via text, voice, video, and images. This is handy and makes things easier, especially for the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, where in-game communication is essential. That’s exactly why some of the best streamers use Discord while they are playing in teams. Anyone, with permission or access, can enter a room and talk to each other or use slash commands. You don’t even need to worry about invites or creating a new group chat every single time you play, once a room has been created, it will remain active. 

It can be used by anyone today. It is a free Voice over Internet Protocol software and also a web platform which is available for multiple Operating Systems like ‘Windows’, Android, etc. Discord website has got plenty of good features and services like Slack-style text chat, group voice chat channels, and plenty of tools to manage your users. 

It’s a great tool for getting an entire community together.  You can set up a Discord chat server and then invite your friends, family, or anyone else to join to stay connected during this unfortunate phase of a pandemic or the holiday season.
Currently, it’s free to set up a Discord server and there are no limitations to the number of users, channels, or servers. Thousands of Discord chat servers, for all kinds of communities and groups, are already existing.

How to set up a discord chat server

The process is pretty simple. Before starting anything you need to download discord first and create an account.  You can create an account by filling up the necessary fields in the Registration section on their website or their software.

In case you are new to Discord, you will be asked if you want to create or join a Discord server

 This is where all your Discord chat servers will be stored, including those too which are not created by you.

Next, you will have to click on the “Create a Server” option, on the left. 

After clicking on the plus icon,  two options will be displayed-  to create a Discord server or join an already existing server. You need to click on the ‘Create a Server’ option.

After this, you will need to enter information regarding your Discord server. At first, you will be asked to enter your server’s name. Be careful with the name that you choose for your discord chat server as all other Discord users will recognize your server by its name.

To upload a picture to represent your server, you need to click on the circle on the right of your screen. If you join several servers, this will help you to distinguish between them and recognize the one you are looking for. So it is suggestive that you should choose something unique that helps you to identify your server instantly. 

Once you’ve made all your decisions, finally click on the ‘Create server’ option at the bottom of the screen.

If you followed everything as we explained, your discord chat server will now be created and you will be connected to your server once it has been created. 

Simple, right? That’s all it takes to set up a discord chat server!

Inviting people to join your discord chat server

Now that you’ve created your server, you will need to start inviting your friends to join your discord server. Select any text or voice channel and click on any ‘Create Instant Invite’ icon to invite your friends and family.

A box will pop up with a temporary invitation link. 

Copy that link and share it with anyone you want to add to your discord chat server. If they don’t have a Discord account, they’ll be prompted to create one and they sign up when they join through your link.
By default, these invitations expire after one day. If you click on the ‘Gear icon’, you can change the duration of the expiry of the server’s link and also limit the number of users who can use that link.

You can also add the text and voice chat channels you need to, by clicking on the ‘Plus icon’ next to each section in the ‘Channels’ column, present on the left-hand side of your screen.

Discord has a lot more to offer than this, but with your discord chat server, you are ready to start chatting with your team, friends, or family, wherever and whenever you want. 

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Setting Up permissions and rules on your Discord chat Server

Things can get messed up on discord chat servers, without clear permissions and rules, especially in case of the crowded servers.
You will need to put up a few restrictions and give different permissions to certain users so that your discord server can function normally.

For instance, you can create a certain role for your users and grant them various permissions such as the permission to delete messages, etc. You can even ban users from your discord chat server.

To do this or grant any permission to any of your users, simply click on your discord chat server’s settings and then choose the ‘Roles’ option.
If you want to add any new role, just click on the little ‘Plus icon’ next to the ‘Roles’ option. You can also change the name of any role by entering the desired name in the ‘Role name field’. 

The list of permissions that you can assign to certain users, is very long. The most important permissions include the ability to manage all the users, create new channels, ban users, etc.

The highest authority that you can give someone is the role of an Admin. Admins have all permissions except the ones that are specified to the owner of the discord chat server, the server owner, such as deleting the server, etc.

If you go through the ‘Display Role Members Separately’ setting, users with certain roles will be displayed in their role categories in the ‘Users panel’.

This was all about setting up a discord chat server. We hope that it was useful.

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