The Hidden Feature On Google: Searching For Specific Websites

Hidden Feature On Google

One of the hidden features and life-changing of google that hardly any of us know, including the gizmo geeks, is that you can search for specific websites on google. One does not need to type a gazillion of keywords or random words that would lead you not to the specific website you were looking for, but to a list of similar web pages, articles and other related things on the internet, but with this trick google will take you to the page of the website directly that you wanted. With this method, you will be able to limit your searches to a specific domain extension, for example, .gov or .edu, which will turn out beneficial for you if you research for reputable sources. Now without further delay, let us learn about how to search for specific websites on google.

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How To Search For Specific Websites On Google?

Now many are aware of this feature but are not able to search for specific websites yet. Let us learn how to do the same through these simple steps:

  • Launch any browser on your laptop, desktop or your android device.
  • Open the Google homepage on the browser you have opened.
  • Click on the search bar of google.
  • Type the word: ‘site:’ in the search bar of google. After this, enter the name of the website you wish to look out for. One thing to make sure about before pressing the enter button is that there must be no space between the ‘site:’ you write in the start and the name of the website address you have entered.
  • Another part that is very crucial to the above step is that you do not need to enter ‘HTTPS:’ or www.’ while entering the site name in the google search bar, but you must enter the domain related to the website like ‘.com’ or ‘org’.
  • For example, if you want Google to take you directly to the website of techsunk, then you will need to type:
  • Now if you want to look for anything specific inside the website of techsunk, then this is what you need to type the google search box: Apple iPhone 13, and this will show and lead you to the particular article published by techsunk. Always remember the spacing after the domain name: ‘apple iPhone 13’must be typing with spaces between them and not clubbed together like: ‘’
  • After you have entered the name of the website as instructed above, press enter or return to open the google page related to the topic you have put in the search bar of google.

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The page that will get opened once you enter the name of any website like you have put above, you will see all the links related to the techsunk website only and if you have also entered the search phrase after the website then you will be shown all the links to the article that concerns that particular search phrase you have entered.

How to search for specific websites on google with the help of the domain?

This was the quick guide to search for specific websites on google, but it does not end here at all. There is another way to search out for things with the help of a domain name, but this usually works when the thing you are looking for is related to any reputable organization, like .gov or .edu. This works well when you are looking for information related to the government. The method is not very different from the above one, but unlike the former, this makes your search wider. Therefore, if the website you are looking for is one of a kind or has only one single branch, then go for it.

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Here is how you search for specific websites using the domain name. 

  • Open the Google search bar on your web browser or your mobile browser.
  • If you are going to search for a research article for your dissertation, then type computer studies in the modern age or if you are going to search any government-related information then type property seized by the government.
  • If you are aware of further departments within the government, enter income tax file 2020 or anything related like that.

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This is not the end of the ways to search for specific websites as you can use other ways like the AND or OR command on the google search bar to filter out the result shown and that is as easy as the above two methods. 


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