Science And Technology Advancement In 2021: How It Shapes Our Future?

Relationship Between Science and Technology

Science is the study that deals with knowing the logic behind everything that happens in and around us, and the process of exploring the ocean of unknowns. Science and technology always work hand in hand as the former is the knowledge whereas the latter is the solution to gain it.

In this article, we will be dealing with the various approaches that have brought mankind on the path of advancement in almost every sector with the help of science and technology information, such as communication technology, artificial intelligence, etc along with some of the emerging technologies which will revolutionize the way we live our day to day lives. Before digging deep, first, let us understand what these terms exactly mean.

What is Science?

“Science” may bring in several ideas, images, etc into your mind such as loads of textbooks, white clinical lab coats, scientists busy with their microscopes, telescopes focusing into the sky, etc but science is an elaborate aspect whereas these are just fragments of it. Science is not defined as these fragments, as it’s never the full picture of science that has several branches and facets. To understand the complete view of science, one must see beyond instances as it is knowledge as well as a process. 

Science tends to comprise facts, knowing the logic, and continuing to explore until one finds a reasonable conclusion. This process links the isolated facts to get an overall comprehensive understanding of the natural world, hence paving paths for technologies to work on their principles to create advancements.

Science along with technology is exciting as it allows humans to explore the aspects of the universe and how or why it works exactly the way that it does. It also allows us to know about the lives long before, in the past, and we even have theories behind the creation of our world, the universe, living beings, evolution, etc. So, science acts as a bridge linking us with the past and allowing us to build the future. These are also the reasons that drive scientists, as it gives the thrill of figuring out something which no one knows or has found ever before!

Importance of Science 

Science helps to generate knowledge and reliable facts, hence it is very useful. It forms the basis for the development of emerging technologies, predicts problems like disasters, provides medical treatments, and solves problems of any kind.

It is and will continue to be as there is never a finishing point for science. It is a continuous collection of pursuing the unknown, refining and expanding the knowledge. It is a global pursuit that people contribute to and benefit from in their day-to-day lives without even knowing that they are using science. So, this means that everyone in this world participates in the process of science!

Science and Technology

One must not confuse science and technology as the science vs technology information helps to draw the narrow line that binds as well as separate their concepts. Science is the systematic, never-ending study that deals with knowing everything about the structure, behavior, etc of the world whereas technology is the usage of scientific knowledge to create practically helpful tools. There are many versions of this definition as it is such an interlinked topic that is highly dependent on each other, so these are two closely related entities with their differences.

The technologies based on scientific principles are the reason for us to enjoy the benefits such as the internet which makes global connectivity possible, incorporation of automation in automobile industries, medical field, etc potentially improving the quality of life one step at a time. Similarly, the emerging technologies are those which help in the practical application of technology into prominence from being just an idea or changing its status from being non-existent to possibility. One such prominent technology in the field of medical science is the development of gene therapy which even though it is an old technology, has not been explored to know its full potential.

Emerging technologies bring in novelty even though it might not be an invention but be a development over the pre-existing idea. Its potential is calculated by its impact on society, coherence, rate of growth, ambiguity, and uncertainty. The initial phase is usually filled with uncertainty as it is an emerging technology which means the world is not familiar with the technology, hence there might be hesitance. Some technological fields that fall under the category of emerging technologies are food nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, education, robotics, and biotechnology.

Relationship Between Science and Technology

So, now that we understand what science and technology mean, it is evident that the relationship between science and technology is very complex. This is mainly because any technology can create or trigger different reactions or responses from the society depending on several variables which are unpredictable as it might vary from one human to another based on their personalities, social status, etc.

Neither the history of the types of invention nor the past experiences can prove to be sufficient to be helpful as sufficient data to predict the future technology or its value. Sometimes, few discoveries of the past might provide solutions for the problems in the present even though they did not possess high impact value during its time. Hence, the complexity of human nature, society and the changing demands or needs make science and technology inevitable necessities on which everyone has to continue working on. 

These interdependent yet distinct concepts contribute to each other in the following ways:

  • Science provides the knowledge required to source new ideas, which later lead to technological inventions.
  • The research instrumentation, laboratory tools, analytical testing methods, equipment, etc are the technology required for research.
  • These together help to find the right solution to the right set of problems, set of industrial fields and their impacts precisely.

In this article, we have discussed every aspect of science and technology along with their differences and their complex relationship. Hope this was useful to get an insight into what exactly science and technology is.


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