Are You Spending Too Much On Your Phone Bill? 6 Ways To Saving On The Cell Phone Bill





The end of every month has taken a toll on everyone with the long list of payments pending from different services, and your cell phone bill is one of those things. Even though you cannot make a drastic change in your overall payments, everything starts with a little change. Cell phone bills are one such thing whose payment generally depends on how much you have used the mobile data and made phone calls. Therefore, it is something that fluctuates every month. 

Like most consumers who do not pay attention to their cell phone bills, they end up paying a lot more for many unnecessary services that they do not need. There are many easy ways to lower your cell phone bill, but no one gives it a thought thinking it to be something inconsequential.

Saving cell phone bills can save you a lot of thousands and millions of rupees if you start pondering over your monthly bill. Therefore, there are many easy and quick ways with which you can take advantage of and save a significant amount on your cell phone bill. No procedure is included in lowering your cell phone that will make you feel that this is too much or too complex.

Ways that will help you in saving on cell phone bill 

Here are some of the best and the most effective ways that can help you lower your cell phone bill, so without any further delay let us dive into different ways with which we can save a lot on our cell phone bill. 

1. Try looking for a prepaid plan

Instead of going with the postpaid, try opting for a prepaid plan as it is way cheaper than the postpaid. It might sound astonishing but pre-paid plans are usually cheaper and the cost comes included with the mobile data and calls.

Mostly, you get unlimited talk time with the plan. This is the best option, especially for those who are dependent on their phone’s mobile data and make a lot of calls. With pre-paid plans, you get to pay lower than the postpaid amount. 

2. Use less mobile data 

If you have a postpaid plan, then you do not need to worry about using your mobile data and keeping a track of apps (even though in some cases you might need it), but if you use a prepaid plan then it becomes imperative for you to be cautious about how much you are going to use in a day.

Moreover, you should keep a check on apps that use a lot of mobile data and turn data off for those specific apps if you use an iPhone. Another thing, try connecting your phone to a wifi connection as much as possible which will help a lot in saving on cell phone bills. 

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3. Turn off automatic updates and limit background data 

Turn off your automatic updates on your cell phone as they are turned on by default which also consumes a lot of mobile data and limits your background data which can also kill your data plan. You can also set up an over usage data alert limit on your phone which can alert you if you cross the limit. 

4. Use a virtual phone number 

Another option that is worth exploring is getting a virtual phone number. If you are someone who uses wifi and is always with the desktop or laptop then you should take advantage of Google Voice. With Google Voice, you get free phone calls and free texts (using the internet connection).

All you need to do is to register your account with the phone number you are tousing to verify it. You can also look into other similar services like TextNow. If you are chatting with someone near you, then the best is to use Bluetooth for sending text messages. This is a great way for an easy saving on a cell phone bill. 

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5. Pick a family/friends plan 

Another easy way to lower your cell phone bill is to opt for a family plan for your cell phone. If you make frequent phone calls to specific people and friends, then you should ask the customer service to recommend you the best family plan according to your needs. You can even avail yourself free talk time for talking to your friends, family and relatives. 

6. Do not go for the value-added service 

Sometimes, it happens that many charges get deducted from your prepaid cell phone bill which is due to many services that get added like a dialer tune, news updates and other similar services. These get auto-updated on your phone and you have to manually disable them by contacting customer service. 

Final words

These are the top six ways that can help you in saving on the cell phone bill and help you choose which one of them you need to imply the most. 

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