Tired Of iPhones Running Low On Battery? Try These 8 Hacks To Save Battery Life





Despite the reputable name that Apple has made among all the smartphones and electronic devices, there remains one thing due to which Apple faces severe backlashes from other Android companies, and that is the battery life. The battery life of Apple products, especially the iPhones, is comparatively and significantly low as compared to its other Android counterparts. There may be many reasons due to which Apple still has not been able to catch up with the battery life, but at the same time, it falls on our shoulders too to keep the phone’s battery healthy to ensure its long run. Your battery health is almost entirely dependent on your usage of your mobile. It does not matter whether you use it too much or too little, but what matters is how often do you charge your phone, what apps do you use the most, do you use the phone while charging it simultaneously, and many other similar causes. Therefore, to save battery life on your iPhones let us look into different ways through which you can improve and save battery on iPhone. 

How To Save Battery Life On Your iPhone?

Now, without any delay, let us learn what we came here for! There are several easy ways in which you can save your battery life on your iPhone and it is not difficult at all. All you need to do is to keep yourself cautious while you use your phone so that you do not lead to damaging and misusing the battery of the iPhone further. Here are the ways which can help you save battery life: 

1. Keep a check on the temperature of your phone 

Yes, the degree of coldness and hotness of your phone tells a lot about battery usage and drainage. According to Apple, it is recommended to keep your phone between 33 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the optimum temperature at which it operates best and the battery also does not drain faster. If you exceed the temperature from the given ones, then this would lead to excessive battery drainage. 

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2. Stop closing your apps again and again 

This might not be a fact that is well-established, but it is true. Many of us think that closing apps after launching them would save battery, and if one does not close them, then it might lead to loss of battery. This is completely a myth because when you keep on opening and closing the apps from time to time, then it leads to battery drainage. This is because the app uses more power in the process of closing and opening, thereby making the phone slower.

3. Switch to the lower power mode 

This is a big request to everyone who wishes to save battery life on their iPhone. You should make use of the power-saving mode in the iPhone as it helps in saving your battery to a great extent. You can do it easily by going to settings, clicking on battery and turning on the toggle switch to lower power mode. This mode turns off all the activities that drain your battery like email syncing, visual effects, the phone’s brightness, etc. 

4. Keep your WIFI and Bluetooth off 

This is also an important yet ignored step to save battery on the iPhone. When you leave both of these connections on, then it ends up using a lot of battery in searching for a connection. If it finds any connection nearby, then it will again lead to loss of more battery due to the performance of online activities. 

5. Keep a check on apps that use a lot of battery 

iPhones come with an option that shows you which app on your phone uses how much per cent of the battery. This is an important tool to make use of if you are looking for ways to save battery life. Many apps use a lot of battery while they run in the background. This can be avoided by turning off mobile data for that particular app or apps. 

6. Lower the brightness of the phone 

This option is not only valid for iPhones, but also for all other electronic devices that you work on. Lowering the brightness can also help you save the battery on your phone. 

7. Turn notifications off for all or just non-important apps

Yes, your notifications also use a large chunk of battery and it might come as a shock but the major reason behind why your phone battery is doing bad is probably because of the notifications that pop up every minute. 

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8. Keep your phone updated to the latest iOS

If you do not update your iPhone to the latest iOS update, it will result in slow functioning and there will be many lags. Therefore, to experience smooth functioning and to save battery life, it is crucial to keep your iPhone software updated to the latest version. 

Final Words

These are the eight most important ways with which you can save battery life on your iPhone and preserve its battery health too.

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