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Most times we find ourselves in a situation where we struggle in guarding and saving important data on the phone. Well Samsung users have it solved – the Samsung secure folder. We all know that the majority of the phone brands do not come with the ease of pre-installing an application or any platform of a similar kind that will help us with the guarding and saving out data like photos, videos, files and other applications that you wish to keep private and safe. Due to this problem, all of us lose our important and private data in the future due to storage issues or lack of a technical platform for collecting and keeping everything in one place. 

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Now, to combat this situation, Samsung has come up with a perfect innovation that is called the Samsung secure folder. This little folder takes care of everything from photos and videos to important files and folders on your phone. Not only does it store your crucial data, but it also keeps it private and protects it thereby, cancelling all the chances of misusing it by the outsiders or allowing third-party to gain access.

The Samsung secure folder is protected by the Samsung Knox security platform to make sure your data is safe and remains protected against the cyber and malicious attacks that come from the internet. There are two ways in which you can secure the privacy of your Samsung secure folder: one is with the help of the passcode and the other way is through the biometric lock system. You can choose either of them to keep your data safe from strangers and third-party.  

How To Enable A Secure Folder On Your Device?

Before we move on to the discussion of how to enable a secure folder on the device, let us see and check whether it is compatible with your device or not. Here is the list of phone models that are compatible with the Samsung secure folder feature: 

  • Galaxy S Series which is from the S6 up to the S10 model.
  • Galaxy Note Series, that goes up from the Note 8 model and goes up to the Note 10
  • Galaxy Fold
  • Galaxy A Series, which includes the A20, A50, A70, and A90
  • Galaxy Tab S Series, starting from the S3

How To Create A Samsung Secure Folder In Your Smartphone? 

It is inevitable to think about different ways to get and create the Samsung secure folder on your smartphone, therefore without a further delay let us get into the procedure of creating the Samsung secure folder on your android device:

  1. Open your phone and launch the settings option on it.
  2. Scroll down through the list of options and tap on the biometric and security option you see.
  3. There will again be a list of the new option, tap on the secure folder option.
  4. Here, you will be asked to create a new Samsung account or sign in to your Samsung account if you already have it. Tap on the sign in and click on continue and agree.
  5. Enter your account details and tap on OK.
  6. You will be asked to choose the lock method: Password, Security or PIN. Choose any one of them and tap on next.
  7. Make and set your password according to the method you chose in the method above.
  8. After you have entered the lock, tap on the confirm button.
  9. Now, go back to your home screen and you will see a shortcut of the Samsung security folder there.

This is how you enable a total to secure folder on your Samsung smartphone, and if you have any of the models that are given above, that means the Samsung secure folder feature is available on your phone and you can get process with the above procedure without worry, but if you do not have the model from the ones given above, then, unfortunately, you cannot avail this feature on your Samsung smartphone.

How To Fix Samsung Secure Folder? 

It is not uncommon to encounter problems and issues while you are making a secure folder on your device. Therefore, let us filter out the most common problems that users encounter. 

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  1. Resetting your password

You might find trouble gaining access to the secure folder sometimes, therefore tap on the forgot password options and make a new one. This will, in no time, fix your issue to access the secure folder. 

  1. USB or WiFi direct does not work

As we know that is a safe space for your data that does not entertain the third party at all, therefore you cannot access data with the help of the USB or the WiFi direct. So, if you are thinking that this is an error, then this is not. This is done to secure protect your privacy. 

  1. No Bluetooth connection and SD card support

Yes, the security folder neither supports the Bluetooth connection nor does it has an access to your SD card to uphold privacy. Therefore, what most of the users tend to think of as an error and try to fix Samsung’s secure folder, that in actuality is nothing but a part of the privacy policy. 

These were the basics you needed to know before you get used to the Samsung secure folder on your device.  

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