6 Roku Device Tips And Tricks For A Better Performance





If you do not know what the Roku device is then, in a nutshell, it is of vital importance to those movie and cinema fanatics. Basically what the Roku device does is that it allows you to watch videos and movies (that are paid for specifically) on your TV which is connected via the internet. One can stream movies from various platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc. and watch them on your television. The Roku device has many different models like The Roku Ultra, The Roku Premium, Roku Express 4K+, etc. With the growing popularity of the Roku device, there are many tips and tricks that you can use to take full advantage of this device. Some many tricks and functions are present in the Roku device, but most of us are unaware of these functions, hence cannot avail of its full benefits. Therefore, let us take a look and learn about Roku tips for best performance. 

Important Roku Tips And Tricks 2022

Now, without any further delay let us learn about the most important and useful Roku tips and tricks, which are yet unknown to most users. These Roku tips will ensure the best performance and also will make way for many other activities that you could not do until now. Without further delay, let us glance over the best yet hidden tricks of the Roku device. 

1. Love movies? Watch it for free on Roku 

This is a piece of great news for anyone who is a movie aficionado. Now streaming any video is easy but at the same time, it costs money. Now if you have a Roku channel, you can not only get free access to all the movies but you will also have access to premium channels like HBO and Showtime.

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2. Keep it password protected 

This is an important feature which all of us are missing out on. If you go to the Roku account page, you can enhance and protect your experience by setting up pin protection. With pin protection, you will also have parental controls inside the individual applications. 

3. Enabling the guest mode 

Another interesting trick that you can do with the Roku device is the guest mode option that is available. If your friends and family want to use your Roku, you can protect your data and history by enabling the guest mode. From the system option, click on settings and go to guest mode and tap on enter guest mode.

4. Installing the Roku mobile app

 Another big feature is the introduction of the Roku app for both iOS and Android apps. With the app, you will be able to browse different content available for streaming and can have all the navigation controls from play, pause, rewind, etc. on your smartphone. Another great feature that comes along with the Roku app is private listening which routes audio from your phone to the Roku device. 

5. The automatic volume levelling feature 

The most unique feature in Roku is this automatic volume levelling feature which lowers and increases the volume of the system accordingly. Therefore, you do not have to manually lower the volume of the system every time a commercial pops up on your screen while you are in the middle of watching a movie. 

6. Some important Roku tips for best performance

If you have been using a Roku device for a long time, you might have encountered some problems sometimes. Even though the problem might not be grand, there are several ways with which you can enhance the performance of Roku despite encountering the problems or not. 

The performance issues in Roku can take many different forms like reduced video quality, lagging, app crashes, buffering taking a long time, getting out-of-sync sound, etc. So, to combat these problems easily and quickly, here are some methods which can help you. 

  • Removing the hockey TV channel 

The most effective method that can help you with improving and bettering the performance is by removing the hockey TV channel. Here is how to do it: 

  1. Press the home button on your Roku device
  2. To the right, press the hockey the channel
  3. Press the start button which opens the option menu
  4. Click on remove channel
  • Reboot your system 

Rebooting is always of great help, especially when your system is lagging too much and posing as a hindrance. Here is how you reboot without losing any of your data:

  1. Go to settings on the Roku device
  2. Tap on the ‘system’ option
  3. Go to the ‘power’ option
  4. Then click on the ‘system restart’

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Other Roku tips for best performance is keeping your software updated, checking your wireless strength or the connection is congested or do a factory reset. 

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