Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P: Robot Vacuum Cleaners Are The New Edge Cleaning Solution





With time every technology evolves as an advanced version of the same, performing the additional functions. This is mainly because of the availability of improved inputs in terms of ideas, materials, and workforce. Another factor that makes every industry run is the demand level, both of these factors are interdependent as with the rise in demand. It asks the industry for better production. Robotics and automation are the results of such situations. In this article, we will discuss one of the latest examples of robot vacuum cleaners launched by a renowned company – Mi or Xiaomi. Launched in December 2020, the Mi Robot vacuum cleaner is one of the best wet and dry robot vacuum cleaners.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P

In a situation like the COVID-19 pandemic awareness about self-hygiene and the importance of cleanliness is very clear. There are several new products in the market that help to keep things sanitized, starting from cleansers for fruits to every kind of surface. Many have to work from home or even before this restricted situation, spending time on home hygiene is a task that requires dedicated time, which many cannot. Here is a solution especially for those who want clean space but cannot tend to it, they can simply use robot vacuum cleaners. With pricing of Rs. 24,999 this robotic cleaner launched by Xiaomi has great features.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is an automatic cleaner and mop that works based on LDS, which is the Laser Navigation system to trace the space based on accurate measurements to perform. The technology involved here is not something new but its importance and relevance have increased. Let us check out the specifications and features of this product before concluding it to be the device to best robot vacuum and mop.

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The Mi Robot vacuum cleaner comes in a neatly packed box, which consists of a disc-shaped robot, two mop pads, and a charging kit. The robot is flat and circular with an openable lid hinged on its top. On the outer, it looks like a plain circular machine as only the on/off control is visible. Beneath the lid is the main parts involved in cleaning such as the brush which comes with a spare, in case of wear and tear, the compartment for collection of dust and dirt, and a knife.

The problem related to the overall design would be that the robot cannot reach out and clean the edges as the disc shape hinders this process.

Components and their features

Now that we have an idea about the design aspects of this robot let us check out the individual components available with and on the device along with their respective functions.

  • Roller brush

The roller brush that cleans the surface can be easily detached from the device for regular cleaning as the dirt would pile up. This has a replaceable spare if necessary and constant checking of wear and tear is important to ensure efficient cleaning. The components of the box include separate dry, wet, and semi-wet mop units. Along with a brush, comes a detachable or removable knife in the slot. This is a useful combination of tools used to cut any strings or hair wound around the brush while cleaning.

  • Functional buttons

The buttons are on the top of the plastic lid and they are individually present for each task such as turning on the device, and for sending it back for charging to the dock. 

  • Speaker

It consists of a small speaker which makes the device completely automatic and indicates its current status of the task by announcing start, completion, charging and even reminders for changing or removing the fittings for cleaning.

  • Battery and charging

The charging unit consists of an adapter and the charging base, which is wired to the robot for charging. The battery capacity of this robot is 3200mAh. Hence, this is the best robot vacuum cleaner for carpet, hard floor, etc. in both commercial space as well as home, as it can last for a longer duration, ranging from 60 minutes to 130 minutes of continuous usage.

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A 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity makes this automatic vacuum cleaner seamlessly perform on its own. While functioning, it vacuums and mops simultaneously hence providing a cleaner final result instead of just vacuuming. However, to allocate the individual tasks there are two modes – one for only vacuuming that would collect the dust in the larger bin and another for mopping which would collect the residue into the smaller compartment space. A separate reservoir for water is also available, in which one can also mix a small portion of surface cleaning agent if required.

If it is being used for larger spaces, then regular refilling of water is required as it may get over in the middle of the process. For better results, clean the compartments, brush, etc twice or thrice a week. The robot starts cleaning from the outermost edges of the house or space and then circles in for efficient mopping. This acts as an outline but to ensure that it works on each room individually one as to closely monitor using the application linked to it.

LDS system for navigation

The robotic function is possible because of the Laser Detect System or the LDS system that prevents the devices from dashing into obstacles, avoiding drop-offs or falls, navigating across the entire space, etc. It also consists of flexible bumpers that would absorb sudden shocks to prevent any damage being caused to the device.

Similar to other robot vacuum cleaners, this device is capable of working automatically on surfaces with little heights or rise. For raised dividers in between the rooms, one has to manually lift and place the device. It can easily work on fixed rugs but sometimes loose carpets might get stuck and cause difficulty.

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Final Words

In this article, we have covered the information about the robot vacuum cleaners launched by Mi along with their components and functions. Hope that this was useful for you to decide whether the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P was the perfect choice for the hygiene of your space or not.

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