Reusing Your Current Intel Heatsink: Here’s Why You Should Avoid It





Intel will launch its new sockets namely LGA1700 and LGA1800 later this year. This would be a transition from Intel’s side from  LGA 1200 socket to LGA 1700 AND LGA1800. These brand new sockets by intel have extra pins and it is not at all identical to the older version i.e. LGA 1200. Now, according to the drawings that were published it was seen that the manufacturers could adapt the existing coolers of the LGA 1200 model and fit in the new LGA 1700 and LGA 1800 models. 

Although it can be done apparently, reusing your current intel heatsink is not the best thing to do due to various reasons. According to the drawings published of the intel heatsink the motherboard plate is barely bigger than the former one, with just a mere difference of 2mm. But the CPU, as per the drawings, is decidedly bigger and rectangular than the former. 

Why is Reusing Your Current Intel Heatsink a Bad Idea? 

Now the question arises as to why reusing your current intel heatsink is not a good idea as most of us thought it to be. So before any ifs and buts, as a counterargument to those who think that reusing the CPU coolers is completely normal and doable is wrong. The new CPU is entirely different. 

Now apparently, it seems completely normal reusing your current intel heatsink as the LGA 1700 CPUs have cores and sizzling spots at various locations in the chip. Due to this, the heatsinks might not be able to cowl your CPU core successfully with the AIO water coolers. Also, the blocks that are small will not be able to cool the chip you are using completely. The microchannels present in the heatsink might not be located in the exact locations. 

Dimensions of the Intel Heatsink 

Coming to the dimensions of the intel heatsink, the dimensions of Alder Lake also change significantly. In the intel heatsink, the Z height means the distance between the top of the motherboard PCB to the top of the IHS processor. The Z height of LGA 1200 was somewhere between  7.312 to 8.249 mm. 

But for its latest model of intel heatsink, the Z height is reduced to somewhere between 6.529 to 7.532 mm. This change in the dimension can also mean that the mounting pressure is also changed in both these intel heatsinks. So following the dimensions, it is not a good idea reusing your current intel heatsink. 

Intel Heatsink Installation Steps 

Now that we have learnt all the don’ts regarding reusing your current intel heatsink. Now let us take a look at Intel heatsink installation. It is extremely important to install the heatsink correctly so as to keep your computer cool and quiet. 

1. Apply the Thermal Paste 

This is an optional method. A thermal paste is a thermal compound that is put between the CPU and the CPU cooler in order to eliminate air gaps and maximize heat transfer between CPU and cooler. Usually, the Intel stock coolers come already applied with the thermal paste. 

2. Fitting the Cooler of the CPU Onto the Motherboard 

Stock cooler installation is quite easy but if you are installing a third-party CPU cooler then you need to be cautious. Before proceeding, check where you have the power connector of your cooler so that you position the cooler in a way that it reaches the connection easily. 

3. Intel Heatsink Install 

Now comes the main part where you perform the heatsink installation in your CPU. Before we proceed, make sure that you are not in any position (barefoot or wet) that can result in an electric shock. Therefore, ground yourself properly. Pick the stock cooler from its sides and put it on the top of the CPU. make sure that your cooler aligns with the four corners and four holes. 

To lock the intel heatsink in its place, you need to push each of the four corners until you hear a clicking sound. After this, gently lift the cooler just to check whether the cooler has been firmly placed or not. This is how you install the intel heatsink in your CPU.

Hope this article helps your answer regarding Reusing Your Current Intel Heatsink.

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