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If you are also one of those who are looking for ways to ‘reset Chromecast’ then this post is for you. Google Chromecast is an application that enables the user to get content up on the big screen like television. The Chromecast can be used in several ways like an adapter, dongle, or even a firestick. The user can also view online content on their smartphones and tablets. To your surprise, you need not open an application to watch online content.

Chromecast can stream from various sources such as Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. You can also view other content from YouTube, Google Play, and Chrome browser on the bigger screen. Even though the Google Chromecast is a useful application that streams online video or content to your big screen, you might face some technical glitches that need to be fixed.

Do you need to reset Chromecast?

Firstly, we need to talk about why you need to reset Chromecast. Are you experiencing network issues? Or Are you trying to connect to a new WiFi network? Are you trying to alter the name? Many issues like these can be resolved without the “nuclear option” of a full reset.

For instance, if you see an issue that says “Reconnect me,” in this case you might just need to change your network details. You can fix this problem using the Google Home app on both Android and iPhone. Google even has a handy set of troubleshooting steps on this exact problem. The same is true with changing the device’s name. You need to simply open the Home app and find your Chromecast. In its settings, you will be able to change the name!

Another option to try before you for full factory reset is simply rebooting the device. You can do so by removing the power cable and wait for a few seconds, and then plugging it in the back.

Some other Chromecast users noticed that after Chromecast setup, various Chromecast issues pop up like Chromecast no devices found. In such a scenario, you might want to reset Chromecast to its factory settings.

How to Reset Chromecast?

In terms of resetting Google Chromecast, it is up to you whether to restore Chromecast from the Google Home App or with the help of Chromecast hardware to do a physical reset for the Chromecast.

1. Reset Chromecast via the Google Home App

So long as you have connected the Google Chromecast to the HDMI TV, you would have downloaded a Google Home app on your smartphone, laptop, tablets etc. as this app is a prerequisite for setting up Google Chromecast unless you turned to for help.

In this case, if you feel like to factory reset Chromecast to troubleshoot its problems, you can get down to the Google Home app. Here whether you are an Android or iOS device user, you can all go on with this procedure below provided that you have used Google Home App.

1. Firstly,  make sure that Chromecast is connected to your WIFI or any other network connection and check whether the Television has been turned on and connected to Chromecast will.

Now choose to turn on the computer to check if there is anything wrong with it. It is likely that Chromecast cannot connect to WIFI can be fixed after you tried to reconnect it again.

2. Now Launch the Google Home App from your device.

3. Click on the Device icon on the top right corner of this Chromecast app in the Google Home App.

4. Now choose the device you feel like resetting Chromecast for it if you have connected to more than one devices.

5. Hit the three-dot icon to open Settings in the Devices window.

6. Click on the settings in the pop-up menu.

Here the option is available for you to Reboot Chromecast on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones or computers.

7. In Device settings, click on the Factory reset.

Here you are entitled to check different information like your Chromecast name, connected WIFI network, the Language and Guest mode condition, etc. It is feasible and advises that you change the Chromecast WIFI or name in Device Settings.

But after you opt for the option to restore to factory settings, all these configurations will go away without any track.

8. Confirm to do a Chromecast reset by on clicking OK in the confirmation window on your screen.

You need to wait for several minutes and then you will see all the Chromecast settings cleared off.

Now, you won’t report any issue about why Chromecast factory reset not working and perhaps cannot connect to Chromecast has been fixed after the reset.

2. Factory Resetting Chromecast with Chromecast Hardware

For a few people, you might find that when you want to act with the steps in the initial method, hitting the Factory reset button, Chromecast factory reset is not available or you can’t even open Google Home Application in your mobile phone or tablet or iPhone.

Fortunately, you can also resolve with this method to take the edge of the Chromecast USB device itself to reset it physically.

No matter if you are using Chromecast 1st gen or 2nd gen, or even Ultra, there does exist a button to reset which is available for users in case Chromecast shows no signal or a blank screen.

So let’s begin to fix Google’s new HDMI USB dongle.

Plug the Chromecast into the Television and press the reset button for around 25 seconds.

While pressing down the reset button of Chrome cast dongle, you will see the indicator light flare slowly and then start blinking more quickly as it is on the edge of reset. And when it comes to a particular point, the flaring light will become a solid LED light, that means that reset starts and your Television will also become blank for Chromecast reset.

The time you will reset the Chromecast functions to the actual ones and Chromecast reboots, if you want to use Chromecast again, you have to set it up once again. Only after settings up you will now watch videos or music to the Chromecast TV.

Hence, there are majorly two choices open for you regarding how you can detach Chromecast settings, both the ways are functional to reset Chromecast, either from the hardware or from the Google Home app.

Hope you will enjoy the casted movies from the mobile devices to Television as you like after securing your Chromecast problems by resetting it.

We believe that we have given the solutions to your problem. Try the above-written methods to reset Chromecast.

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