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Raspberry pi a mini-computer of credit card size. It can be plugged into your TV or display, and a keyboard and mouse. Raspian is the Debian-based Linux Operating System that is provided along with this mini-computer. Here are the best Raspberry Pi browsers that you should know. The Raspberry Pi was introduced by a UK-based foundation to use for learning to code and building electronic projects. They can be used in various IoT projects like smart homes, home automation, etc. However, to make such projects will even require the best raspberry pi web browser. This guide will walk you through a few of the best browser for raspberry pi 3.

List Of Raspberry Pi Web Browser

Here's the list of some Raspberry PI Web browser that you should know about them:

1. Chromium

Chromium web browser comes preinstalled with the Raspbian Operating System that Raspberry Pi 3 uses. This open-source browser built by Google is one of the best browser for raspberry pi 3. It is capable of giving a similar experience to browsing in an environment with more computing power.

Features in Chromium web browser:

  • It is free and open-source
  • It has a customizable user interface
  • It supports all the modern browser features
  • It is safer, faster, and stable

Chromium is even capable of handling active sites like Facebook, play videos on YouTube, etc.

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2. Kweb

Kiosk Browser or as popularly known as Kweb is a WebKit-based browser. It was developed to give high-speed internet surfing on the Raspbian Operating System. Kweb is one of the best browser for raspberry pi 3 that is lightweight. 

Features in Kweb web browser:

  1. This web browser hardly crashes or freezes on heavy usage, therefore it has good stability.
  2. It comes with an OMXPlayer to watch online videos from Youtube in a simple GUI program.
  3. Kweb has a faster loading time.
  4. It comes with support for JPEG encoding.
  5. Also supports hardware-accelerated video.
  6. It comes with an options mode that enables it to run on a simple desktop environment.

Kweb comes with the support for playing audio and video files and has compatibility with HTML 5, JavaScript, etc. however, it does lack some features like social networking plugins and buttons.

3. Lynx

This web browser is a text-based browser. It is the best raspberry pi web browser for command-line lovers. It is mostly used by Linux Administrators because of its extreme memory feature. However, it does lack support for Adobe Flash and JavaScript.

Features in Lynx web browser:

  • It is a free and open-source browser
  • It is a command-line-based web browser.
  • configurable keyboard commands using the config file

This web browser lets you work by using arrow keys. For instance, you use the arrow keys to select links, pressing on the letter G will enter an URL, etc.

4. IceWeasel

IceWeasel is based on the Firefox web browser. This Raspberry pi web browser is more stable as it uses the Gecko website which renders its reliability.

Features in IceWeasel web browser:

  1. This web browser works well with the Debian-based Linux Operating System.
  2. It has a UI similar to that of Firefox, but with some improvement in privacy.
  3. IceWeasel also lets you watch online videos in HD quality, with the YouTube HTML 5 video player.

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IceWeasel is one of the best raspberry pi browsers with a good security system that hardly crashes on high usage.

5. Epiphany Browser or Web Browser

The Web Browser was previously known by the name of Epiphany browser. The Web Browser is a Webkit-based browser just like Kweb and Google Chrome. This web browser is for the GNOME desktop.

Features in Epiphany or web browser:

  1. The new version of this browser comes with few additional new features like setting your Homepage and Bookmark feature.
  2. It is an open-source web browser
  3. It also has features like tab windows, private windows, HTML 5, JavaScript, bookmarking, etc.
  4. The Epiphany or Web browser provides high-security features like Insecure Password Form warning. This feature will help you recognize whether your password has been compromised or not.

This Raspberry pi web browser is capable of loading websites like Yahoo, Reddit, and Twitter pretty fast. It also provides the best video handling capacity and even blocks pop-up windows and dangerous websites.

6. Luakit

Luakit is based on the GTK+ toolkit and the Webkit web content engine. This open-source web browser is free and customizable. Moreover, it works at high speed even during high usage built for developers, power users, and internet surfers. This open-source web browser is designed differently when compared to other raspberry pi browsers. It has the address bar at the bottom of its window instead of the top. And if you love things in minimalist design, then this is the one for you. 

Features in Luakit web browser:

  1. It is a free and open-source web browser.
  2. It also allows keyboard commands
  3. This web browser is available on various platforms like Windows, BSD, and Linux
  4. It has extensible functionality and a customizable user interface

Other than supporting mouse usage on this web browser, it also supports working with the keyboard. However, it has some drawbacks like no detailed history to view and some websites will default to the mobile view in this web browser.

7. Midori

Midori is one of the lightweight Raspberry Pi browsers that acts as a default browser for Raspbian OS. It is a free web browser that has an inbuilt privacy tool. A few of the features of its privacy tools are script disabling, third-party cookie blocking, it also has an inbuilt ad blocker and cookie manager.

Features in Midori web browser:

  1. The launch speed of Midori is pretty high.
  2. Even though Midori’s web browser is just a small program, it can support many popular parts of the web.
  3. It also supports open websites like Yahoo, Google, and Twitter and can operate them quickly.
  4. Midori is reliable and does not freeze or crash a lot.
  5. It even has a simple User Interface in it.

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This lightweight website gives you a lot of options like the menu bar, title bar, bookmark bar, etc. Moreover, it even lets you hide these bars from the browser according to your convenience. However, this raspberry pi web browser comes with some additional plugins for Visual effects and animations which can slow down the user interface.

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