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With more and more companies taking the help of the internet to complete the work, cybersecurity risks also increase. You might have heard of many big companies facing cyber-attacks. One such popular cyberattack is the Ransomware attack. 

In recent years ransomware has come out as a leading security threat. In ransomware assault, the stakes always remain high and the malware grows more powerful. To protect their network and system from such assaults many firms and agencies are already looking for ransomware protection. 

Ransomware is a serious problem that affects both individuals and organizations. Understanding how ransomware attack works can help protect against attacks. 

In this article, we will explain to you what ransomware is and how to stay safe?

What is Ransomware Protection?

Ransomware is one of the several types of malicious software used by hackers. In Ransomware attacks, usually, hackers will take hold of your computer by locking your system or encrypting confidential files. Once they have gained access you won’t be able to access your system or files. 

Later these hackers will demand you to pay a ransom to regain access to your files. Unless you have backed the documents and files in your system, you have only two choices: pay up or lose it all. 

Types of Ransomware Protection

There are two common types of ransomware:

1. Locker Ransomware

In Locker Ransomware, hacks lock the victims out of the operating system and make all files inaccessible. To unlock the OS, victims are asked to pay a ransom.

2. Encrypting Ransomware

In the Encrypting Ransomware, hackers encrypt the victim’s files with complex algorithms. To receive the key to decrypt the files, the victims are often asked to pay a ransom.

Ransomware Protection: How to Stay Safe Using Internet with Ransomware

Today it is important to keep your network or system safe from threats. Especially during pandemics, when the internet is at high usage as everything runs via the internet. Over 73% of the households alone in the US have a computer connected to the internet. Storing many important files in it is normal. Hence it is necessary to have ransomware protection.

Below we have mentioned few tips on ransomware protection to safeguard your data and money.

1. Backup Your Data

If you have made a backup file of your data then you don’t have to worry about paying the ransom to regain access to your documents. Cloud is one of the most common and largely used platforms to safely back up your files. 

2. Practice Safe Emailing

Most hackers do a phishing assault, as they can target many users. Hackers employ a randomized phishing approach to trap people. If something on the website looks suspicious then don’t click it.

3. Update Your Operating System

Regularly update your operating system. Regular updates usually fix many bugs and loopholes giving hackers in the future a smaller window of opportunity.

4. Keep Your Firewall On

A firewall is designed to keep out any unauthorized access to your system.

Ransomware Protection Using Third-Party Software

Other than the above-mentioned tips, you can always use third-party software that gives free ransomware protection. There is plenty of free ransomware protection for android in the play store and even for PC. Here we will be introducing you to software that gives free ransomware protection for android.

1. Bitdefender

What we LikeWhat we don’t like
Accurate Resource – hungry
Password Manager 
Cheap Subscription 

Bitdefender is a cloud base Antivirus for the Android operating systems. It is the best ransomware protection available in the play store. This antivirus app provides an on-demand install. It also comes with a scan facility. This application even takes care of online privacy as well as personal information.


  • Supports multiple platforms like tablets and smartphones.
  • Have an anti-theft facility that can locate devices in case of theft or loss.
  • This app can verify whether your emails have been hacked or not.
  • Minimum impact on battery life.

2. Avast Ransomware Protection

What we LikeWhat we don’t like
Anti-virus and anti-malwareAdvertising prompts
Excellent detection rates 
Regular updates 
Doesn’t slow the device 

Avast ransomware protection is one of the best ransomware protection available. It is a program that can protect your device against viruses and other malware. This software secures your photo, app pattern using pin code, or fingerprint and blocks potential threats.


  • You can easily perform a regular scan to detect threats and vulnerabilities.
  • It can detect malicious applications
  • This software can protect from the malware-infected links on the web.
  • Avast ransomware protection can verify the security of the wi-fi network.

3. McAfee Mobile Security

What we LikeWhat we don’t like
Supports multiple platforms like Android, macOS, Windows, and iOS devicesMissed some modified ransomware samples
Excellent malware protection scorePoor lab test results
Very good detection of malicious websitesPC boost we speedup is only available in Chrome
Robust firewallFewer features for iOS.

McAfee Mobile Security is one of the best free ransomware protection app that helps you to protect your device from phishing and malware. It also allows you to capture malicious programs before they reach your country.


  • Prevents various types of virus, malware, and ransomware from infecting your computer and other devices.
  • It helps you to secure your device’s firewall and block hackers from accessing your device and network.
  • Gives access to store and manage all your online passwords.
  • Keep sensitive data private by storing them on your system.

 4 Sophos Mobile Security

What we LikeWhat we don’t like
Protects against ransomware, keyloggers, exploits Advanced features require uncommon tech expertise 
Very good scores in malware testsParental control and webcam protection limited
Convenient new mobile management appGood phishing test scores

The Sophos Mobile Security and ransomware protection can safeguard your device and decrease ist performance or life of the battery. You can even use this app to protect your device from inline threats and malware. It provides a way to manage password facilities for multiple websites.


  • This software can scan previously installed apps on your device and storage device.
  • It even lets you scan apps by getting an interval or on-demand.
  • Give protection from malicious use of USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.
  • Shows potentially unwanted apps (PUAs).

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