Tired Of Ps4 Not Connecting To The Internet? Try These 7 Quick Methods!





The worst thing you could encounter is sitting and playing games on your ps4 only to find out that the ps4 not connecting to wifi. As much as it makes you angry, it also comes along with different ways in which you can tackle the internet connectivity in your ps4.

Now we all know that if the ps4 won’t connect to wifi then one is completely unable to make use of many advanced features on the console like streaming video games, multiplayer game settings and installing new games. Therefore, if you want to take full advantage of your ps4, then you have to connect it to wifi. 

As all of us must be tired of the ps4 not connecting to wifi then let us have a look at some of the reasons why your ps4 won’t connect to wifi so that once you learn this, you can get out of this frustrating situation.

So, here are some of the reasons why the ps4 not connecting to wifi:

  1. Your PlayStation might be offline thereby resulting in the unavailability of internet connectivity.
  2. One of the simplest reasons is that chances are that your wifi has lost connectivity to the internet.
  3. Check out whether the username and password of the wifi are correct and both are matching. Moreover, if you find wifi with the same name as yours, check that too.
  4. Distance might also be a cause of the hurdle. Check the distance between your ps4 and your wifi router and make it as less as possible.
  5. Another hidden reason can be the DNS setting of your ps4 that is not configured correctly.

Ps4 Not Connecting to Wifi? 

Now that we have known about the reasons regarding your ps4 not connecting to the internet, let us have a look at some of the easy methods to fix the same as there is no one way or reason but many possible reasons to fix your ps4 connectivity. 

1. Check Your Internet Connectivity

Check whether other devices can also connect or are connected to the internet. This can be a big cause if you have trouble connecting to the internet. Try to narrow down your internet connectivity to know whether the problem is with the ps4 or your wifi. 

If other devices can connect then the problem is with your wifi. Another most important thing to never miss out on is that one must always make sure that both your pc and your ps4 are connected to the same connection.

If your wifi is still not working then turn it off and switch it back on after a few minutes, and if it still does not work then call your internet provider.

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2. Check Your PSN Settings

Check the PSN  network to know whether it is offline or online. Hence, if the PSN is offline then this might be the reason behind ps4 not connecting to wifi. Users often misdiagnose the PSN  that leads to confusion. 

3. Restart and Reboot Your Ps4

Try restarting your ps4 too as you did with your wifi/internet connection and then reboot your ps4. Hopefully, reboots usually work in the worst cases. 

4. Rename the SSID

If you have changed your network type and it still does not fix the problem of ps4 not connecting to wifi, then try changing/renaming your SSID. This can be done easily on your web router page. You might also have to change the security setting from WPA-PSK AES 256 to WPA-PSL TKIP 256 Bit. 

5. Use a Wifi Extender

If you think that your wifi signal is too weak, then try having a wifi extender to solve the problem of the ps4 not connecting to the internet. This can be said when you have tried moving your ps4 closer to your wifi router and despite that, your ps4 won’t connect to wifi. 

6. Ask your ISP to Change the Router to Public IP

Try changing your router to public IP if you think that the problem of ps4 not connecting to wifi is not from your side. Call your internet service provider and ask them to change your current IP to another public IP.

7. Change your DNS Settings

Sometimes the problem might be due to the way your DSN is being accessed. This is the last option to use if none of the above options are workings.

Here is how you change your DNS settings:

1. Using the PS4 controller go to the settings option. 

2. Tap on the Network option and then select Set Up Internet Connection.

3. Select any one of them:  Use Wi-Fi or Use a LAN Cable. Select Custom if you wish to and then choose your Wi-Fi network from the list. 

5. Click on the Automatic option and then select Do Not Specify” and then Manual.

6. Select the Primary DNS and enter  the following number:

7. Choose the  Secondary DNS and then enter the following number: respectively. 

8. Tap on the next option.

9. Click on the automatic option.

10. Choose the do not use option and it is done.

These are the easy and quick methods to help yourself if your ps4 won’t connect to wifi.

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