Does Your PS3 Have Backwards Compatibility? Find Out Now!

PS3 Backwards Compatibility

If you have purchased the latest model of any PlayStation model, then the only concern you have is whether or not it is compatible with the previous generation games. Now all ps3 games are compatible with the ps3 model, therefore you need to buy the right model of ps3 if you wish to play all the games that were compatible with the ps2 model of ps4. One must also remember that not each and every disc of ps2 is compatible with the ps3 model. Ps3 backwards compatibility has always been discussed in the gaming arena, but we will look at this issue later in the article.

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For all the gamers, the backwards compatibility of any PlayStation model is of extreme importance especially when the console launches are on peak. Every other wants the feature and access to old games while choosing a new console for themselves. If you have been aware of the previous models of PlayStation, you would know right away that earlier, to play old games on new models, one had to use adapters and other external peripherals, for example, when you had to play the Genesis, you had to use the Power Base Converter add-on in order to play 8-bit Master System titles.

The launch of the backwards compatibility in ps2 was a huge success for PlayStation in the international market as one could play old games on the new model without the support of external periphery, adapters, extra packs or any sort of expansions. It played a major role in console marketing of the new model as all users had to do is to insert the disc in the drive and play the video game. 

What Happened At The Launch Of Ps3? 

Now at the launch of ps3, there was a big hype for all the right reasons. Like the previous PlayStation generation i.e. ps2, it supported backwards compatibility, but ps3 backwards compatibility was not the only to be praised for. The gamers could play literally any game from the previous PlayStation from 1993 to 2006 on their new ps3. This, at that time, left every gamers agape and every competitor behind it. Moreover, the range was not the limit. The unique processor of the ps3 made all the games played at this model look better than its competitors. Now coming to the topic of how to tell ps3 backwards compatibility, then let us have a look at the following points. 

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How To Tell If A PS3 Is Backwards Compatible?

You should know that you cannot play every game on the ps3 and you need to check which model you are using in order to determine ps3 backwards compatibility. There are some models of ps3 that are compatible with the ps2 model and some that were earlier and now are not while others need emulation software so as to ensure the particular model of ps3 backwards compatibility. 

  1. The original ps3 models of 60 GB and 20 GB are backwards compatible with the ps2 games. The reason being the presence of the ps2 chips inside them.
  2. Other models, especially the 80 GB metal gear solid needed emulation software to have backwards compatibility but now no longer support the feature of ps3 backwards compatibility.

Here are some ways that will help you with the question of how to tell if a ps3 is backwards compatible:

  1. Check the model of the PlayStation you have and see whether it is a ps3 slim model. To check this, look if your ps3 has a low profile and a matte finish skin, not a shiny one. You will also have a ps3 logo on the top of the model and will not have the whole name written. Therefore, if you have the ps3 slim model, it means it is not backwards compatible with ps2 but you can still enjoy games from PSone.
  2. Secondly, check whether you have a 20 GB ps3 which was available at the launch. In order to know, check whether four USB ports and do not have a wifi or a flash card reader. These are bigger than PS3 slim with shiny body and ‘PlayStation 3’ written on the top of it. The disc drive panel is of black color and does not have a slot for sd cards in the front. If you have this model, then this is backwards compatible with the ps2 model.
  3. Check whether the PS3 is 60 GB. Your ps3 model should have wifi, four USB ports and a flash card reader. It has a shiny finish and the disc drive panel is silver. It means that your ps3 is backwards compatible.
  4. If you have an 80GB PlayStation 3, or a Metal Gear Solid PS3, that hasn’t been updated, there are high chances of it still being backwards compatible through software emulation. But if you use any of the PS3 online services, then it is not backwards compatible with the PS2 software thorough emulation.

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So these were the quick easy to check whether your Ps 3 model is backwards compatible with the previous ps3 models.


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